Yellowstone: Other Shows to Watch Next

Longmire falls under Justification group as a crime drama rather than a family business drama. However, it makes for an amazing accessory Yellowstone fans are looking to live in a modern Western style. Based on a series of books from Craig Johnson, Longmire star Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County in Wyoming. In every four months on A&E (and two on Netflix), the series brings western legal ideas to the modern world. Monga Yellowstone, Longmire also benefits from the works of celebrities including Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Zahn McClarnon. – KUTI

Peaky Blinders

View on: Netflix (US) and BBC iPlayer (UK)

The industrial heart of Birmingham, England may not be the valleys of Montana, and the Peaky Blinders may be criminals of the 1920s instead of farmers today, but the Shelbys have much in common with the Duttons. All of these are family businesses that are struggling to thrive in their area, being intimidated by people who want to take what they have. Both families are dominated by patriarchs who try to deal with difficult conflicts, long-standing conflicts, and violence. John Dutton and Tommy Shelby each want to fix a broken relationship with an eye on their crown and their ideas for the future. And that’s before we come to the horses. The Roman gypsies on the side of their mother, Shelby, come from above, and horses are the only religion that Tommy left behind after serving in the WWI canals. Mu Peaky Blinders‘The first event, he rides as a herdsman through the city’s villages, announcing the growth of the Europeans and the legends of the upcoming saga. – LM

Other Shows Like Yellowstone - Fargo Season 2

Fargo Season 2

View on: Hulu (US) and Netflix (UK)

You can – and should – watch every season of Noah Hawley’s anthology Fargo, but the ones who make the most Yellowstone itching is season two. That is the story of Gerhardts’ 1970s, a North Dakota terrorist family whose future is unknown after their parent suffered a stroke. As Gerhardt’s two sons fight for leadership, matriarch Floyd Gerhardt (wise Jean Smart) tries to crack down on Kansas City’s criminal gang who want to steal their patch. Add to Ted Danson, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Follow-upKieran Culkin and others, in the case of government soldiers, assassins, UFOs, and good people who are trying to prove themselves. – LM

Other Shows Like Yellowstone - Deadwood


View on: HBO Max (US) and Apple TV (UK purchases)

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