[Working] 5 Ways to Fix Windows 11 Slow Startup Time

Some recent users updated to Windows 11 refers to the shorter start time on their machine. While this may be possible for a number of reasons, we have discussed and selected the top 5 solutions to the problem and set the time for the slow start of Windows 11 machines. In the meantime, you can learn to fix it widgets do not work on Windows 11.

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Ways to Extend Startup Time in Windows 11

Make sure Quick Start is on Windows 11

Like previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 provides a quick start-up interface for users to ensure that the machine starts as fast as possible. Follow these simple steps to ensure that these are turned on on your Windows operating system.

  • Click on Windows key and research Dashboard app to unlock.

  • Click on Hardware and Sound Options.

  • Open Power Choices by clicking on that.

  • On the left hand side, click Select what the dynamic buttons do.

  • Be sure to Turn on the Fast Startup method is on. If you are disabled, you must click on it Edit Links that are not available here method and turn on Turn on Activate Quick mode.

  • That’s right. You have created an instant start feature on your computer.

Turn off unwanted Apps and Startup Programs

To adjust and extend the start time of Windows 11, you need to turn it off unwanted software which destroys the mechanical equipment at the start. Follow this to make it easier.

  • Click on Windows key and research Task Manager app to unlock. Alternatively, you can click Ctrl + Alt + Del one-time key to open the app.

  • Scroll to Start Tab inside of Task Manager Window.
  • Find and identify the unwanted programs they have middle or upper starting results.

  • To disable this app, right click here and select it Stop.

  • That’s right. You have successfully configured the program since Windows.

Change the Appearance to Make You Work Better

Windows 11 offers a wide range of features to make the environment easy to use. However, these visuals consume a lot of systematic material. You can minimize and disable these screens to improve Windows 11 startup time. Follow this to achieve the same.

  • Click on Windows key and research Advanced System Preferences.

  • Click on Preferences button under Part of the Work.

  • Turn it on Adjust Yourself to Better Performance and don’t look all things written. Click on Ikani button to save updates.

  • That’s right. You have successfully configured your Windows11 system.
  • Restart your system to see the modified changes.

Disable All System Activities and restart

One of the most effective ways to update Windows 11 at startup is to shut down all Windows operations and restart the system so that Windows can only launch the necessary functions. This helps to eliminate all unnecessary Windows activities that use system tools. Follow these simple steps to make it easier.

  • Open Run window by pressing Windows key + R one time on your keyboard.
  • Type MSConfig and press the Enter button.

  • Scroll to Work taboo and click Close the All button.
  • Click on All right button to save the updates and restart your system.

Clean Up Unwanted Files From Your System and turn on Storage Sense

To speed up the start of your Windows 11 system, you need to delete all the unnecessary and temporary files in your system. In addition to this, Windows 11 also offers a Storage Sense interface that automatically detects and removes periodic files to speed up performance. Follow this two-minute reading clean up unwanted files on Windows 11 and on Storage form.

Bonus: Remove your Hard Disk Drive or Upgrade to SSD

If you have installed Windows 11 on your old hard disk computer and are experiencing a slow start, it may be due to your old hard drive. Partitioned drives significantly reduce performance and should be manually adjusted to minimize performance. Or, you can replace hard disk with SSD to further enhance Windows 11 functionality. Follow these simple steps to freeze your hard disk to improve its performance.

  • Turn on your computer and right-click on a disk drive with Windows 11 installed.
  • Click on Assets disk drive load.

  • Scroll to Add taboo and click on Fix it button under Defragment drive section.

  • Wait for a few minutes to allow Windows to optimize the functionality and restart order after the process is completed.

Conclusion: Reducing Start Time

We hope you have now prepared and adjusted the start time for your machine using the methods listed above. If this article has helped you fix it to change the Windows 11 format on your machine then, place the Like button and share this among your friends to help them resolve such issues. Be aware of the many Windows versions.

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