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Woman shares simple trick to stop your saucepans from boiling over – & people’s minds are blown

HANDS up if you’ve turned your back for one second while cooking, only to realize your pots have boiled over.

Well, it turns out you’re not alone.


Shawn Tucker shared the handy hack on TikTokCredit: Tiktok/@shawntucker.realestate
Shawn said the hack had helped to "save his stovetop"


Shawn said the hack had helped to “save his stovetop”Credit: Tiktok/@shawntucker.realestate

But one woman, from the US, has the perfect solution – rubbing cooking oil on the inside rim of the pot.

Shawn Tucker, who goes by the acronym @ shawntucker.realestateshared the woman’s handy hack on TikTok and explained how it had helped to “save his stovetop” by preventing over-spilling water.

And the comments section was inundated with messages, with many praising Shawn for the game-changing tip.

“Learn something new every day! Love this – hate boil overs – so messy on a flat top!” wrote one.

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A second commented: “This actually just may work !! The science is there, oil is hydrophobic so the water in theory shouldn’t still over.”

A third penned: “WHAT! I am deffo trying this!”

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Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: “OMG! WHAT TRICKERY is that! LMFAOOOOOOO”

Another who was shocked by the handy hack asked: “Any oil?” to which Shawn replied: “Yup! You can use olive oil, vegetable. Any one of them will keep the water in.”

A further penned: “HOLD THE PHONE !!!! Does this work for ANY spill over or only potatoes?”

Shawn responded: “Any spill over. The oil acts like a baby gate for the water.”

Elsewhere, others had alternative suggestions to prevent water from boiling over your pots.

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“Put on a wood spoon,” advised one.

Another suggested: “Or a drop of margarine right in the pot.”

The woman explained how spillage can be prevented by simplyrubbing cooking oil on the inside rim of the pot


The woman explained how spillage can be prevented by simplyrubbing cooking oil on the inside rim of the potCredit: Tiktok/@shawntucker.realestate

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