Wicker, Hyde-Smith support sanctions on Russian pipeline

The order to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream II pipeline failed in the US Senate by a vote of 55-44.

On Thursday, Mississippi U.S. Senators Roger Wicker (R) and Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) voted in favor of the Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Implementation Act.S.3436), which could impose heavy sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline, in violation of an order issued by President Joe Biden.

The Nord Stream II pipeline is expected to carry much of Russia’s natural gas to Europe. This confirms that Europe relies heavily on the Kremlin for their electricity. The pipeline is awaiting final approval by the German authorities.

S.3436, which required 60 votes to pass, failed by 55-44 votes. The failed clause comes after President Biden pressured Democrats to oppose the move.

“The Biden Administration’s plan to light the Nord Stream II pipeline shows that the President is ready to allow Vladimir Putin and his allies to stay free from European gas,” Senator Roger Wicker said. “The government cannot say it is strong in Russia when it immediately does not monitor its allies. The world is watching what the US will do to help our allies in Ukraine and Europe. As Putin sends more troops to the border, it is too late for President Biden to take action.”

Senator Hyde-Smith has been critical of Biden’s strong points, including blocking US pipelines while allowing the completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 after the president lifted sanctions last May.

Hyde-Smith contributed as well Protecting Our Lives By Extending the Russian Punishment (POWER) Act reinstatement of penalties and asked Biden officials to help American families and the economy by changing its faulty electrical laws, last summer.

“Security and economic security for US allies and interests have deteriorated in the months since President Biden lifted the Nord Stream sanctions in favor of negotiations and negotiations with Russia. “Senator Hyde-Smith said.

Wicker saw the humor of President Biden relying on 60 votes on the issue as he tried to weaken others, as a rule of Democrats “vote”.

“I find it strange that Senator Schumer and President Biden are relying on 60 votes to kill the bill the same week they want to end the crisis. The President and the General Secretary should focus on supporting the Senate, not destroying it,” Wicker said.

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