Why We Don’t Have Time: climate solutions to achieve a green transition, with Ingmar Rentzhog

Marieta talks to Ingmar Rentzhog, founder and CEO of We do not have time, which is a major platform for sharing climate change feedback and encouraging business and politics to lead the green way. In this podcast, they discuss the purpose of the platform and why it is important for companies to be accountable for their actions and for the importance of disseminating information about those who are kind to the environment.

Why We Have No Time: Solutions to the weather by Ingmar Rentzhog

Ingmar was named eco worrier by the Sun and by Mark ZuckerVert according to France TV2. They have a lot to share about the review platform, which is now in use in more than 130 countries and has recently taken place was established in the US. We do not have time for the terrible words, but Ingmar believes it is still time to change.

Our reason

Global warming threatens our well-being. The evidence is there. This is a time of trouble – and it is a problem we have created ourselves. We did this, and we can make things right. We are all the answer. But we do not have time to wait.

As the group grows, the group of people say: “This is not going to continue – we want to change.” We want to connect these people. Social networking sites have created new links to interactive activities. This is our privilege. Together, we are stronger than we are. Because of how things are here without us. We are the owners, and we can fix this, together.

We do not have Time with a monitoring platform and social networking site for anyone who wants to participate in the answer. If a sufficient number of people want change, and if the power goes to those in power – change will come.

Being a member of We Have No Time is free and allows you to make seasonal comments and socialize and follow others. Read more or become a member.

We are all in the process of solving a climate problem.

For Marieta:

Marieta is a graduate journalist, currently pursuing a degree at Coventry University. She is originally from Bulgaria and moved to the United Kingdom three years ago to prepare for a journalism career because she believes it is in line with her interests and strengths. Marieta is passionate about writing and is passionate about making digital products. She is a hardworking and creative journalist who always looks for the good news.

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