What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? (Saturday, May 14)

Are you looking for help in solving this weekend’s Lewdle puzzles and carrying on the streak? Check out this article that has the Lewdle Answer and Word Of The Day For Today, Saturday, May 14.

Heardle is a word game, similar to Heardle, Wordle but all about the inappropriate words. In the past few months, the game has significantly made changes to improve the game. Recently, it added two new make it a bit easier for players to guess the right words quickly.

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What Is The Lewdle Answer Today (May 14)

Today’s word is six letters and can be slightly confusing if you aren’t lewd enough. So, to help you with this here is the official Lewdle answer and the word of the day for Saturday, May 14 is TITJOB.

Players who want to know an in-depth meaning of the word can check out the same page after guessing the right answer as the meaning is written down below the word. Lewdle also provides streak stats for players to maintain along with a number of games played, won and lots more.

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Lewdle Rules Explained

New players can find it a bit difficult to get started. To help them out, we have mentioned all the steps that you should follow to grind the game without any difficulties.

  • First, visit the official site of Lewdle
  • An instruction box pops up right away at the start of the game, make sure you take a look at all of them. Now, you’re good to start guessing the words by using your keyboard or the one available on the screen. As mentioned above, feel free to use the multiple modes to make the guess quicker.
  • Check out the color codes for each of the letters you have guessed. If the word is in the in-game dictionary, colors including Black, Green and Yellow will appear. Each of the colors indicates:
    • Black = wrong letter
    • Green = correct letter in the correct space
    • Yellow = correct letter in the wrong space

Keep visiting our page for more Lewdle answers. That’s all for Lewdle Word Of The Day For Today, Saturday, May 14.

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