What is Plan B in the event of the collapse of government in Northern Ireland?

Dympna McGlade is a Slugger reader from Glengormley

As we enter 2022, the threats to destroy the Northern Ireland Government make us uncertain about the future. We can have different ideas about the cause and effect of this event, and we can only imagine what the system of governance will be like when it happens.

What is clear about this is that we have already been there – five times in the past! The final suspension took three amazing years!

The result of this is that all MLA seats are vacant, and no plenary or committee takes place. This results in no new legislation being introduced in key areas such as health and social services, education, agriculture, social security, employment and skills, economic development, environmental activities (including planning) and transportation. It also means that funds cannot be established that would lead to departments without a legitimate basis for us to continue spending and investing in our much-needed services. In addition, there will be no support and oversight to be provided to Departments in the delivery of government services.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 epidemic has brought about unprecedented economic and social upheavals. Combined with this is the problem of Brexit and how it affects our fragile peace path. The eye of the state seems to have no desire to integrate and build multiculturalism. His other eye can be closed to the growing divisions created by Brexit that have led to street violence, increased military power, disruption of north / south relations and the opening of wounds that many people have set aside time and money to heal.

Our economy and many people have taken on a negative attitude that can take us years of dedication and support. We are facing an uncertain future.

However, at a time when we need to be united to take the opportunity to rethink the future of everyone, politicians are threatening to overthrow key institutions to provide, instead focusing on the legal rather than the damage caused by the epidemic. Brexit.

Many people here enjoy a shared, equitable, peaceful, secure and prosperous society where future generations can live, work, learn and socialize without fear of discrimination or hatred. How can this be accomplished if we do not have a government?

After the fall of another government, civil society organizations must take advantage of the opportunities created by these needs and take responsibility for building a multi-stakeholder and multi-stakeholder platform to achieve the necessary progress for equitable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable sharing. in the future.

If the Conference falls for the sixth time, we need to have a plan B ready and wait to get out of the political crisis and its negative consequences on the people and start thinking about providing quality, appropriate, public services.

Therefore, in the event of a fall, the volunteer / community community should be prepared and waiting for it to arrive to fill the void by forming a plan to assist in managing the management of the project management system management system management system management system management system management system management system management system human resource management to ensure that people prosper and not depreciate.

There are a number of compelling and legitimate reasons why a volunteer / community community should take action to fill a vacancy left by a government that has not been left with the supporting evidence of the following evidence:

  • This section has made significant strides in achieving the Executive’s goals and priorities. It plays an important role in environmental, cultural, advocacy and human rights activities and promotes social and / or political change in Northern Ireland Executive main features of responsibility:
  • Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Rural Development
  • Madera
  • Wealth
  • Education
  • They prospered
  • Health
  • Construction
  • Justice
  • The group knows how to use resources, time, and energy to promote and encourage citizens to participate in decision-making. And, based on its strong social values ​​and an understanding of the history and needs of the people, the organization tends to act faster than the government.
  • This section contributes to political development, conflict resolution and reconciliation (long before the Fifth Amendment).

Because the sector is overseen and controlled by the government it should be considered that it operates professionally and had the confidence of the government. This is confirmed in Concordat between Voluntary & Community Sector and Northern Ireland Government (2011). Concordat supports the vision of the Government and the volunteer / community community to work together as a united people to create a participatory, peaceful, just and cohesive community in Northern Ireland. In the Concordat’s Agreement, Point 8 states:

‘Concordat will promote Government and Voluntary / Community engagement in policy making and implementation. These discussions will help in setting the goals of the “Program for Government” and in developing the culture of the people. Working effectively together will help, for example, to establish sustainable, secure communities, ensure a safe and secure environment, contribute to economic growth, alleviate poverty, suffering and inequality, and contribute to the promotion of health and well-being. ‘

Voluntary / community organizations continue to address the challenges of humanitarian action and often act as social activists and stakeholders because they have a keen interest in it. dependence on people. They are non-profit organizations that do not rely on the government (although they may receive them government funds). This makes them better people to get into a jobless government to help ensure the well-being of all citizens for example.

  • Supervising and providing support
  • advise on budgeting in accordance with Government Policy
  • making decisions in consultation with government officials
  • cooperation between government agencies and civil society organizations
  • overseeing and promoting the peace process.

All of this is very complex and can be offended by those who see it as a threat (especially to other political parties). However, it should be discussed before another problem arises. Or does anyone have a better Plan B?

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