What Is MetaVPad?

Early advertisers in the metaverse can make a lot of money. MetaVPad can provide an opportunity for investors to get started quickly. Learn more about this new cause here.


  • What is MetaVPad Crypto?
  • How Does MetaVPad Work?
  • Sponsors, Team, and Contributors
  • Tokenomics

What is MetaVPad Crypto?

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s name has been changed to Meta, Metaverse has become well-known inside and outside the crypto world. Early marketers in the metaverse think they are making millions in the near future. That’s it, Bluezilla jumped and launched MetaVPad on December 10, 2021.

MetaVPad is a platform built to allow investors to access various metaverse projects. Its purpose is “Get a democracy to find protocols, products, and services that will be the backbone of the next generation of internet.” In an effort to counteract the control of Metaverse, MetaVPad seeks to be a coherent source of revenue for pioneers in this technology. This Launchpad will focus on divisive financial resources, unimaginable features, digital information, real-time and more detailed, and interactive responses on the metaverse.

How Does MetaVPad Crypto Work?

MetaVPPad wants to be a metaverse-centric breeder on a project. Users will need a METAV signal to participate. The METAV indicator will serve as a key to accessing a wide range of products. MetaVPad has three sections for open source clients: Explorer, Creator, and Architect. The sheer volume of METAV brands that sells cash opens up a certain segment.

MetaVPad Tier System

Sponsors, Team, and Contributors

Bluezilla is Venture Capital (VC) behind MetaVPad. He also launched other startup projects such as PulsePad. MetaVPad is part of their creation. There is no information on MetaVPad or Bluezilla either. The group is not recognized here.

MetaVPad announced on their Twitter about two different associations GameZone and NFLaunch. Both of these functions are part of Bluezilla’s creation.

MetaVPad Crypto Tokenomics

As mentioned above, METAV is the brand that can give you the opportunity to launch. The signal is available as ERC20 is a BEP-20 signal. The major MetaVPad reduction options are 25% initial fee and 10% penalty on all sales. Users should take it for at least 8 weeks to avoid a fine, which will burn. 10% pay on trademark sales is distributed at 7.5% to owners while 2.5% is burned.

Sharing MetaVPad tokens

Distribution of Symbols:

  • 16% Confidential Sales
  • 16% Public Selling
  • 15% Team
  • 12% Ecosystem
  • 11% Liquidity
  • 10% Stability
  • 8% Selling Seeds
  • 7% Advisers
  • 4% Reserve
  • 1% Airdrop

METAV is available on DigiFinex, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Wagyuswap, and DODO BSC.



The biggest worry about MetaVPad is that the band is not recognized. The project is a natural component of Bluezilla, which should give keepers a little more confidence. However, the Bluezilla group is no longer known. They have launched a number of successful startup projects, but still do not want to put their face behind them. Many Bluezilla projects are also similar in concept and website. Not to mention that MetaVPad affiliates are also part of Bluezilla’s creative environment. Currently, there is no information on external or savings relationships. With blockchain site currently The Wild We, one cannot be too careful. With so little information provided that a fund is set up by the next team, one has no choice but to doubt the true purpose of the project.

Where to Buy METAV

You can purchase METAV through PancakeSwap exchange, similar to how you can buy another cryptocurrency on an intermediate exchange. If you want to buy METAV, you can do this by visiting PancakeSwap.

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