What are you playing this weekend?


There are not enough weekends. Two is not enough. Well, sure, Friday night counts, then maybe a weekend can be considered as 2.5 days. However, it is limited, and it does not seem that there is enough time to do what you want before the project starts again.

But, time is what you make. And we plan to use that time to play games on the weekends.

For the next few days, we plan to jump on the RPGs, try to get someone in the game, have fun playing a detective police officer with an alcoholic, and play something that is more dangerous and rewarding at the same time.

Here’s what we’re playing this week.

Dom Peppiatt, Product Editor – Disco Elysium, Spelunky 2

It has been a long week since I got used to my new role here at VG247 and trying not to move when I (foolishly) try Dry January to give my liver a break after Christmas. A better way to relax is to get out of my pocket by using a proxy than to play Disco Elysium? I could be a communist police officer, preach at the end of the day and explore what looks like a small hole in the middle of reality, and pick up candy from every kind of beer I could get on the streets of poverty. Martinaise. Yum!

When I don’t think of myself as a human being, I’ll just play Spelunky 2 and a friend who doesn’t play, because it’s one of the most exciting additions this week to the Xbox Game Pass. I told her last night, and after about 45 minutes of trying – and failing miserably – to pass the first level, she called it quits and we went and played something very small: Peggle 2. Well, we thought it would be a little less, but she just finished calling me words I can’t write here… let’s see if the week is better, isn’t it?

Dorrani Williams, Filmmaker – Escape to Tarkov

This weekend I will be playing Escape to Tarkov. I may not be a fan of EFT all the time but right now I am looking at games that are at high risk. One of the most satisfying ideas is to go attack with the amount of budget and kill the player who comes with all their good weapons. It stimulates your adrenaline rush.

There is nothing like Escape to Tarkov, but not for everyone – the technical roof is very high, it has a dangerous new player, you spend more time improving your weapons than you are playing the game and using real weapons. has a sloping motion. But, if you can ignore those things and find time to learn and understand the game, it can be a lot of fun.

Also, as always, I will be playing Apex Tales. I am currently in the Diamond seat, and because this season will end soon, I look forward to the final push for the Master position. Wish me a chance!

James Billcliffe, Managing Editor – stupid amount of great RPGs at one time

Right now I have a lot of pots boiling on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

On PS5, the biggest games I go through are Ahead: Zero Dawn in preparation for the Western Ban next month, but I have also found updates on Rising Death, Final Fantasy 7 and Jedi: The Law Has Fallen, along with all others Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart fighting my curiosity.

Then on Xbox, as I said last week, I have DLC extras for Mass Effect Trilogy I have never played a script that is absolutely essential. And there are regular toys Forza Horizon and FIFA 22 ready to fill any gaps.

But then there is the end of Metroid Dread – games that are in the same categories are weird and very frustrating – threatening to never come back every day.

> And in spite of all that, here I am putting the most famous indie East on my PC. Pray, I see the light soon.

Sherif Saed, Employer – God of War (PC)

I have been very successful with this type of PC God of War 2018. As you can see from our technical review, it has a solid port that offers a lot of what you can expect, even if it misses a few key features and ultimately does not look better than the PS4 / PS5.

However, the huge framerate upgrades, DLSS support, and excellent visuals made me start playing the game. I’m almost done with the big story, but I want to make a little better this week. A lot of places in Lake Nine have emerged, and I want to get rid of all that is left and pick up the collection I missed there.

I also have a few Tears of Realm and a few more and pops to take care of before the final push. When I played the game on PS4, I was left with only two Valkyrie fights, so I also want it all to happen this time.

In addition to allowing me to spend more time fighting the game, this game also gave me a deeper appreciation for the story, and how it speaks, in particular. as a lover of Norse mythology.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – God of War (PC), Pokemon Snap, maybe something else

I don’t have a PS4, so I couldn’t play God of War (2018). Unfortunately, Sony decided to install it on a PC, so it brought it on Steam, and I will try to play it over the weekend. I say try because my friend is also a big fan of the God of War, we all played all the other roles in the franchise, then he will want to play again. I can let him go first. It depends on whether I feel compassionate or not (blinking).

I also did not finish Poition Craft, which I played a little on vacation. So, I could jump into that sometime over the weekend.

As I have shared with all of you in the past, my mom is very busy with Pokemon Go and the whole Pokemon. He’s becoming a bit of an expert on the type that works best with each other, and what you have. ‘ Pokemon Snap about him. I think it would be a great start for modern gameplay, including, and Pokemon games. I will be showing him how to play and how to use the controller for a few hours, but this can be fun for all of us. I’ll make a player yet!

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief – New Video (ish) Mortal Kombat

Unable to write about Wordle every week, I thought to myself for a moment before recalling that I had seen last year’s Mortal Kombat movie earlier this week. I was amazed that it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good.

To me it all sounded like a modern Marvel movie full of a bit. A group of successful human beings unite to fight against a group of superpowers. The biggest surprise was the lack of real competition, even though they are mentioned every five minutes. Kano stole the show, being a very interesting person, even though this would have been because everyone else was so tired without their skills.

There was enough to know the winks and head shakes of the fans (or ordinary players of the game) without going overboard, but the whole thing ended up so weak that I was so surprised it ended. Once the movies set up the series, it ‘s fine, but that’ s over as you would expect the first 10 hours of Netflix to end.

In the end, the film was a good one. 5 body cut 5/5 cut in half.

This is what we are looking forward to this week. What about you? What are you planning to play?

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