Watch: 'Sea Critter' – Homemade Faux Documentary VFX Short Film

Watch: ‘Sea Critter’ – Faux Documentary VFX Short Video

January 14, 2022
Source: YouTube

“If you come in contact with a creature, you are connected in some way – ‘one with it?’ Have you ever encountered such a beast? Sea Critter and a short VFX video made on a small budget by a team of upcoming filmmakers. It takes time to get there, running for every 17 minutes, but there is an interesting idea here. The art team reveals a strange story that Wilbur encountered a marine creature with tents. This is made by the filmmaker Eric Smigiel, and the stars Scot Scurlock as a glistening seafaring man named Wilbur. The film was shown at the Burbank Film Festival last year, and is available online for viewing here. It’s not a very interesting short film, a bit rough on the edges, especially with how long it lasts with him in the chair in the first half. But the end result is cool. Meet the “Sea Critter” below.

Sea Critter Short Film

Thank you Dan for giving me advice on this film. Initial description from YouTube: “From the story of the fire to the vfx show. The art team reveals the story of Wilbur’s encounter with a sea creature with tents.” Sea Critter written and directed by a filmmaker Eric Smigiel – who also run Allusive Photos (visit their official Facebook page). You can follow him on IG @smigielman or watch one of his short films The Image of My Mind. Allusive Pictures is a New Mexico-based production company that produces high quality films. This short version was produced by James Liakos, Dan Marcus, Justin R. Romine, and Eric Smigiel. I have a video clip written by Joseph Simonson, as well as a good one by Seth Deming. For more information, go to Allive Page or YouTube. For more short films, Click here. Your thoughts?

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