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Falz has always been phenomenal both with lyrics and his style of music and his new body of work: This is Nigeria which spins on Childish Gambino’s this is America is not an exemption. In this new music and video, he speaks more expressly and descriptively about the ills and degenerations in the Nigerian society.

Trust Nigerians and twitter faithful to jump on this one the moment it was released yesterday. There has been reactions and sub-memes to the tag #thisisnnigeria because once again we have a Nigerian artist giving us a voice to speak about the ills of our great country, Nigeria. The song is more of a sermon and it would definitely be a form of preaching to the world what happens in this part of Africa, so sad it hard to bring out and even wash all our dirty stinking fabrics in public. But do we care anymore? We need a voice, we need a revolution and we are glad Falz is helping us out, maybe our government will one day reason in support of the masses. Falz – This is Nigeria is a movement.

Falz in This is Nigeria opens up the song with Femi Falana, his father who is also a human right activist, announcing the consequences of barraging crimes and corruption which has beclouded our communiy’s sense of reasoning. Notable lyrics in the beginning of the songs keep on reiterating that this is Nigeria and this is how we live and he puts it this way: This is Nigeria, look how I’m living now, look how I’m living now. Everybody be criminal,” he rhymes as chaos ensues all around him. and this sets the tone for the rest of the song from the missing girls of Chibok to the corrupt SARS who were enforced to fight crime and robbery but rather supporting it with the continual disguise while extorting from both guilty and innocent youths. He describes expressly, the nepotism, consumerism and drug abuse which is now the order of the day. He did not fail at showing us what most corrupt Nigerian pastors do in the confines of their churches, Fulani herdsmen slaughter and a side shot at the recently concluded Big BrotheNaijaja.

At the end of This is Nigeria – Video , Falz decides to infuse the incapability of some of our leaders holding up top positions when it is clear both in their speech articulation and performance clearly requires them to step down in a saner clime. He depicts this with the recent public embarrassment by the IGP who for reasons best known to him had a struggle with a few words while delivering a speech in public.

This is Nigeria by falz is not mere gesticulation of words and actions, it is the real story of Nigeria in 2018.

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