Walgreens, CVS Temporarily Close Some Stores Due To Staff COVID Infections

Very contagious Omicron range it concerns key suppliers Walgreens’ (WBA) and CVS ‘ (CVS) workers until companies are forced to close certain places temporarily due to staff shortages.

CVS said Reuters that stores affected by the closure will close one or both weekends as a response to the temporary spread of Omicron brands which has led to a shortage of workers across the country.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Omicron now accounts for 98% of all COVID-19 cases.

In a statement to the media, CVS said, “Changed hours in these stores are temporary.”

According to Wall Street Journal, Walgreens was also prosecuted by employees affected by the Omicron brand and closed some stores over the weekend across the US.

A spokesman for drug dealers told the Journal that most of the 9,000 U.S. stores open their regular hours.

He added, “Ongoing staff shortages, including the number of cases of COVID-19, have led to times when we had to change working hours or temporarily close stores.”

The temporary closure and early departure of the epidemic as Walgreens and CVS struggled to recruit thousands of people around the world to meet consumer demand as a viable business.

However, Walgreens and CVS are not the only ones sales chains who are affected by Omicron and have to change their hours.

Both Macy’s and Walmart have announced a reduction in the number of hours in stores or stores temporarily closed due to a decrease in staff due to viral infections. Media reports have suggested that Walmart has it closed many shops in the US cleaning and sanitation for COVID-19.

Rite Aid, a competitor in the pharmacy, also announced in December that it would close its stores one hour ago, offering the COVID-1 vaccine for just one hour a day due to staff shortages, the Journal reported.

As of Friday at 11:57 am EST, Walgreens shares were trading at $ 53.82, down 68 cents or $ 0.37%, while CVS shares were trading at $ 105.57, up 23 cents, or 0.22%.

Photo: Reuters

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