Volunteers have been staking out an Oakville neighbourhood for weeks hoping to corral frightened family dog


Bailey, 30-lb ginger-furred double doodle, has been on lam for three weeks, but the team that wants to follow him believes the dog is alive and well.

“Every day we see him, and we know he walks between the Great Lakes and Burloak to his hometown as soon as he crosses the Third Line,” says investigative committee leader Ken Price. Although he is confident that the dog is close to home, Price asks anyone who wants to help to start talking to the search committee, and most importantly, avoid driving around the area alone, waiting to see the missing dog.

An experienced dog owner says the worst thing a Good Samaritan can do right now is to unknowingly threaten Bailey, which could lead to his being fired.

Price is the CEO of a non-profit volunteer organization known as Dream Team Survival and Rescue Search who has been watching Bailey since Dec. 23, 2021, the day a 15-month-old dog went missing at Den Doggy Day Care on Harvester Road near the Appleby GO railway station in Burlington.

Based in Burlington and Hamilton, the Dream Team treats about 300 dogs a year. Although he usually has no case in Oakville, he was involved in Bailey’s case because the dog went missing at Burlington’s dormitory.

Price says about 97 percent of his cases end happily, usually within the first day or two. Although each case is different and Bailey is one of the most unpredictable dogs, Price says the challenges are still too good for Bailey to be reunited with his family soon.

Price is planning a collaborative hunt, sponsored by more than 200 dog lovers who have volunteered to explore over the weekend with a night-time “stakeout” that takes place until 2 p.m. A Facebook group set up by the Dream Team to exploit the desire of the people to help attract 2,000 followers in the final.

In most cases, it does not take much effort, Price admits.

“The problem was the first day, Bailey was evicted by at least 100 people,” Price said. “They came straight into the streets, and came to the intersection of Rebecca and the Great Sea. All these people were trying to do the best thing. That dog was running through a lot of cars because time was running out. But it was every car. Stop and everyone. As they got out of their cars, they were chased away, and their way of walking became very difficult. “

Associating with so many strangers made Bailey nervous / run away, Price says. In that land, “we are no longer looking for a pet; we are looking at a wild beast.

Because Bailey no longer acts as a pet dog, Price encourages anyone who comes in contact with the dog to inform Bailey with “dog language” that you do not threaten him. This is achieved by falling as quietly as possible, avoiding eye contact and gazing at the dog only through your spontaneous vision. Next, use your phone to dial 905-399-6984 at the same time.

Price says his response team has the equipment to catch a scared dog. In the same way, he tried to put a relative in front of Bailey to help him remember his past life.

Bailey’s trip began on December 23, when his family, Kelvin and Elizabeth Fung and their four children were due to visit elderly relatives living in Niagara Falls on Thursday before Christmas. The couple has a big, small dog that they took with them, but decided to leave him at the lodge because Bailey is so big and awkward.

Shortly after arriving in Niagara Falls, he received a phone call from a staff in Den informing them that Bailey had jumped a six-foot-tall fence around 12:30 pm and had disappeared into a wooden stream across the street.

Fortunately for Bailey, Caitlyn Nicholls was active that day. Nicholls lost a dog in July 2021 who recovered well with Price and his Dream Team 11 days later. That’s why when Bailey was shot, he knew how to call Price right away. Meanwhile, the Fung family cut short their trip and returned to the car. Arriving at Den, he found Price already looking at the valley with a hot camera.

When Bailey failed to turn up this afternoon, Price asked the couple to put up posters announcing the number they could call on the screen. Meanwhile, a family friend sent a request to the neighboring Facebook groups for people to sing.

“In the first day, there were a lot of phones,” says Fung. “After that, the phones went silent. I never lost a dog, so I thought within a day or two of them sitting outside in the winter, I thought it would never happen.

The couple realized that Bailey was not beautiful – her dog thoughts corrected and led her home. And that even in winter, the countryside has plenty of tropical habitats for wildlife and stray dogs.

Regarding fears that many local monkeys would kill Bailey, Price told the couple that “the poor could not kill Bailey because they considered him a dog. So they can chase him away and never kill him. hunting to kill. “

Speaking of other concerns that Bailey would starve to death before he could be found, Fung learned that Bailey could temporarily survive hunting for field mice and destroying litter.

Seeing Nicholls and Price never lose hope strengthened the family’s hope that Bailey could be found safe. “They were putting in a long time from the start, so it gave us hope to see what we could do to support the teams,” says Fung. “This is not a time for despair. We are waiting.”

Fung says the couple is tired of the community’s help coming out to help them find their dog.

“No matter what happens, the effort and cooperation and stress have been exciting and stressful. I want to say that we are very grateful for the important people to get the ball. I am very grateful to all the people who helped me put things in place.


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