Youtube video downloader using vidtomp3

Vidtomp3 is an online application which helps you convert your youtube videos into mp3 audio which you can download on your device. The entire process happens on the homepage of Simply follow the links below to start converting your youtube videos now. The youtube to mp3 converter is flawless and it only takes a minute to get your most desired youtube video converted to an audio mp3 on your mobile phone. The tool works right out of the box and you do not need any external software to get your youtube video. The converter simply does the job and presents you with a download link, you can even preview the mp3 before downloading ,which makes it simple fast and easy. Please note that you’ll have to follow a few steps to use to download your youtube videos. Here are the steps below. There is no official Vid to MP3 app for download, just follow the instructions listed on this site to use this tool.

How to extract Youtube audio with vidtomp3

Step 1 : Get your youtube video url ready

Let’s say you have found an interesting song on youtube and you’ll like to get this particular song downloaded to your device. Then instead of common downloaders like IDM, comes in handy and saves a lot of time.  You do not need any file sharing program or converter software to get the mp3 format of such song/video. You can simply get the download links by copying and pasting the youtube url of that song or video using vidtomp3. use the link below to navigate to that site. So once you have the url to your desired youtube song/video. Proceed to the next step.


Convert youtube video to mp3 audio

Step 3 : Paste the youtube url on vidtomp3 link

One thing that does is to extract audios from any youtube link and present you with a download link. Although there are many youtube converters out there, this one seems to be the best. Some other sites like offmp3 can do the job. So after getting your youtube url ready, go to this link and paste it from your clipboard. You can also edit tags and rename the music file as you want. vidtomp3 process page will then be presented after clicking the go button. Before clicking the go button to process the youtube to mp3, remember to tick the checkbox which lets you agree to the terms and conditions of the site.

VidTomp3 process

VidTomp3 process

Step 3 : Convert youtube Vid to mp3

Now that you have pasted the url and clicked the go button on, you will be presented with a process page. At this stage you are not required to enter any thing. All you have to do is  wait for like 5seconds depending on you internet connection. It only means your youtube video is currently converting in the background of One thing that is common to vid to mp3 converter is that it opens some pop ups on the background of your browser. Hence you are advised to be careful and watch out.


step 4. Download your youtube audio

After the remote server is done converting your audio, you’ll have a download button presented to you. Just click it and you’re off to downloading the audio on your device. This process is quite easy. But the are some drawbacks of using this tool, one of them is the inability to edit audio tags or cut the audio like offmp3app. It is the last missing step which is not included in the app. If you need this function , you’ll need to use in place of This one redirects you to a custom edit page after conversion where you can do things like audio preview, editing tags andcutting your mp3. After some few minutes of processing, you’ll get an edited audio. This app is absolutely free and you can navigate to mp3 converter website using the links below to get your youtube video provided.

Youtube to mp3

Youtube to mp3

Another drawback of this app is a little defects which happens once in a while. Some errors like “this URL is unavailable may come up. if this is the case, then do not panick, it might be to slow network or unstable server due to pressure on the VidToMp3 website. Sometimes it may take forever to get to the process page. Just keep your cool or use an alternative like

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