Video of Kayleigh McEnany from December 17, 2020 Seems To Prove She Knew Of Forged Election Documents

For centuries, the gold standard in the testimony was “the eyewitness,” a young man standing there. But thanks to insane studies related to memory and later, reinforcement, good security lawyers are often able to approach even the most eyewitnesses today.

The gold standard now, in all cases and in relation to evidence, is the records made during the terrorist period, or the records which in their presence. and case.

The site has already described a number of developments regarding the Electoral College votes cast by five countries. But to get everybody on the same page, two nights ago, Rachel Maddow said:

“It was not one country, not three countries that did this – it was at least five governments where we have found false documents produced by Republicans.

And it is not as if they, again, created these notes, like, catch close to their chest and thought this was the real result. It’s not like he made these notes just to keep it as a memory. They were sent to the government as if they were real documents.

But more importantly, they are brave criminals:

The letter was dated December 28. What did that man do? The Trump young man in the Department of Justice, you know that two weeks earlier, Republicans in at least five states made false ballot papers? What The Trump Justice Department is aware of this because they helped Republicans in those countries do that? We do not know. But someone helped them, because they all wrote the same document exactly, in the same locations, and in the same language. As a result, someone helped them to do so. ”

Someone committed a crime and it was not everyone, it was not everyone who did it and not everyone admitted it. There are very few people in the world who would encourage people from five countries to do what they know is wrong. They know. These

elected officials are not stupid people, they know this is not going to work. He did so because he had been told to do so by an elite man, trusting that there was a way that might be more reasonable and part of a larger system.

We know that someone in the DOJ knew and some of us may think of the name but not because it can be so, just think wisely. Everyone involved in the case has committed some form of wrongdoing – at least if one trusted the many legal experts who investigated the case. And, if anyone really thinks about it, does it seem that someone in the DOJ can make this system – which took the connection to be the same, without permission from someone higher? We already know that the White House is working with the DOJ because we know that Jeffery Rosen said that Trump told him to sign a fraudulent letter and leave it to everyone else. We know Rosen refused and Trump almost appointed Jeferry Clark as acting-AG

Until this morning, it was just reasoning that the White House had to sign such a plan. Unfortunately, the internet has not forgotten, and this morning the sun is shining on a tweet that not only confirms that the White House knew about the plan, but that the White House either came up with the plan or promoted the policy because it comes from there. “Two weeks ago” Rachel added:

At the time, many thought that these “other candidates” were idiots who would stand in the parking lot or gather in the basement of the church to raise their hands to vote.

But in the picture above Kayleigh mentions four countries (with major cities, those people) was sending another group of nominees themselves Congress should vote. Electoral College voted on December 15. The video above is from 17. Kayleigh said Congress will vote for these newly elected. Kayleigh – tactfully – is not talking about the elect, he is talking about the certificates.

These were not “elected,” these were vote-rigged Electoral College votes that would appear in the envelope that Mike Pence would open. No more than four corners of what we are know, now we have enough evidence that Kayleigh McEnany knew that fraudulent certificates were sent to the government and that Congress should be aware. The only day and procedures that Congress can “consider” will be on January 6, the day permits must be opened.

When many crimes, starting with fraud against the United States is a plot to overthrow the government (rebellion) on paper, and we have the latest video of Kayleigh McEnany telling the world that some candidates are coming “for Congress to make a decision,” no one had reason to believe that the system was so advanced and well-designed that again … January 6 in turmoil.

Everything is open, on paper and in videos, and it is difficult to choose not to mention a serious and obvious crime. Needless to say, it seems unlikely that Kayleigh McEnany would have known about the January 6 riot plan but Trump did not? Remember, someone at the top had to say “okay” or people in government, who aren’t stupid, wouldn’t be in danger.

Jason Miciak is a political writer, co-author, writer, and lawyer. They are originally from Canada but grew up in the Pacific Northwest as two Canadian and American citizens, which they are very grateful for every day. He now enjoys life as a single man, writing from the Gulf Coast, receiving advice from his beloved daughter and friend. He is a very dreamy magician who can add and love dogs more than most people. She also enjoys studying cooking, theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. He loves pizza.

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