‘Victory in Oldham’: Pro-Palestine activists celebrate closure of Elbit arms factory

The sponsors say the sale of the property is a direct result of their regular campaign.

Palestine Action – a campaign group that seeks to end the UK alliance with Israeli apartheid – is celebrating a campaign that, according to the group, led to the forced closure of Israeli weapons in the UK.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Elbit Systems is the largest manufacturer of weapons in Israel. The company has four subsidiaries in the UK – UAV Engines, Instro Precision, Elit KL and Ferranti Technologies.

The company’s portfolio includes aviation systems, helicopters, as well as drones, land vehicles, and self-propelled barges.

According to Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), Elbit he describes his drones as “the backbone of Israeli ships and was heavily used by Israeli forces during the 2014 uprising in Gaza.”

Elbit announces factory sale

The Oldham factory is one of 10 Elbit in Britain. On January 10, Elbit Systems he announced sold the Ferranti Technologies property to British power company TT Electronics for £ 9 million.

Elbit says the sale of Oldham property is part of a redesign process in the UK. In terms of sales, Elbit Systems UK The prophet said so: Integration of the many functions of Ferranti Technologies in the Aerospace and Simulation Business Unit and the sale of part of Ferranti Technologies is part of the ongoing implementation of our UK strategy.

“Following a series of positive partnership awards from UK MOD, Elbit Systems UK is well established in the UK, and will continue to provide solutions, developed in the UK, to meet the needs of the British Armed Forces.”

Palestinian freedom fighters say so its continuous demonstrations in the last 18 months that is the real reason for the sale.

Long-term action included factory stays, broken windows, freedom fighters, spray-painted red blood on the factory walls, and more – which resulted in many arrests. The group says their repeated presence at the site has devastated Elbit “millions” and forced “closure of the factory.”

Since the bombing of Gaza and Israel in May 2021, the Oldham area has also been the target of other campaign groups, with protests taking place there by Oldham Peace and Justice and Manchester Palestine Action.

According to Palestine Action, constant pressure, through protests and a more direct campaign of direct action, “has caused serious problems for Elbit, who now sells less and leaves the site.”

‘Direct action works’

The action group states that in November 2021, the unnamed party informed them that factory workers had been fired and that the site was being prepared for Elbit departure.

Talking to Left Foot Forward, Palestine Action said:

“The closure of the factory at Oldham clearly means that direct action is working. Combined with the group’s efforts to prepare local teams, we have Elbit where it hurts – their profit – and forces them to close the factory.

“After the incredible efforts of many freedom fighters, complete disruption and devastation caused Elbit to reconsider their operations at Oldham – a process we will continue to use until the remaining nine Elbit bases in Britain are closed and Elbit deported.”

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead is the assistant editor at Left Foot Forward

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