US to train ‘Ukrainian insurgents’ in EU – media

Washington says it is considering making weapons and training Ukrainian people if Russia ‘becomes’ a neighbor

The US is considering a plan to destroy Moscow’s targets, without any direct action, if it enters Ukraine, The New York Times reported Friday, adding that it could include weapons and training Ukrainian troops in Europe.

U.S. President Joe Biden seems to have had little choice in the matter of what his government will do if Moscow takes over the former Soviet Union. statements. However, it is hoped that the authorities will come up with a solution that the US can do if threatened.

Washington believes that Ukraine will not have the opportunity to oppose a Russian military that could fight in the open war and instead focused more on supporting the Ukrainian. “guerrilla” the report describes the war in the area that would be occupied by Moscow.

“If [Russian President Vladimir] “Putin is attacking Ukraine with a large military force, US and NATO military support – intelligence, cyber, nuclear weapons and anti-aircraft weapons, anti-aircraft missiles – could hit hard,” James Stavridis, a four-star Navy veteran who also served as NATO’s chief of staff, told the newspaper.

“And if they are Ukrainian terrorists, Putin should realize that, after decades of fighting terrorists, we know how to use them, educate them and encourage them.” he added. It seems that the admiral is following in the footsteps of the US in Afghanistan.

There, Washington helped the jihadist fight against Soviet troops in the late 1970s and 1980s and found himself fighting the Taliban, for nearly two decades, before rushing out of the country last year.

America “military aid” for Ukraine “it would make our efforts in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union appear small in comparison.” Stavridis said. According to the New York Times, the plan will include training potential terrorists in neighboring NATO countries such as Poland, Romania and Slovakia, as well as providing them with weapons, aid, medical equipment and sanctuary during the Russian war. fighters against terrorists.

Some unnamed White House officials “it sounded good” In talks with US allies that Ukrainians can also rely on support from the Pentagon and secret aid from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

So far, the US is said to have just surrendered Ukraine “security” weapons, including anti-tank arrows, radars, communications equipment and naval vessels, to avoid angering Russia. If Moscow decides to invade, the US will provide nuclear weapons and appropriate training in Kiev, the report said.

It adds that Biden’s management wants to benefit from the Moscow incident with Russian troops wounded in a possible war with Ukraine. Evelyn N. Farkas, a former deputy secretary general of defense in Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia in the Barack Obama administration, believes Washington should not be representing Russia in this regard.

“I think the gloves should be removed,” he said. The New York Times acknowledges that the potential for terrorists is a weakening of the system, especially if Russia refrains from taking control of eastern Ukraine, which is more likely to support Moscow than the West.

The report comes after a week of high-level talks with Russia, NATO and the OSCE to discuss Moscow’s intentions to improve security in Europe. The US and its allies rejected Russia’s main ideas.

Following the talks, the White House again criticized Russia “fraud” for the invasion of Ukraine – something Moscow has condemned as nonsense.

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