Unitree’s AlienGo Quadruped Can Now Wield a Lightsaber

Unitree Robotic, well-known for its low-cost robots and questionable Star Wars-themed videos, has announced a new, custom-made, 6-degree free robotic arm designed to fit behind its four main pillars. Also, it will save people in the Sith from Mars, or something.

This, we must say, is not the first time Unitree has used Power in a promotional video, even its own first attempt was very Dark Side by second attempt seems like the first big apology. The most recent video here seems to have landed on the Light Side, which is nice, but I am confused by the idea that baddies come from Mars (?) And a lot of people are killed (??) and the answer is some kind of “Super AI” (??? ). I think Unitree needs to release more stuff to learn how this issue ends.

However, for the arm: There are two models, the Z1 Air and the Z1 Pro, built with motors that use lower backlash and torque controls. They are exactly the same, except that the Pro weighs 4.3 kg instead of 4.1 kg, and weighs 3-5 kg ​​more than 2 kg. The maximum reach is 0.7 meters, with 0.1 millimeter repeat. The Air type price is “about $ 6600,” and is also compatible with “other hand-held robots” as well.

It is important to note that only to be arm on the robot is a simple part – it is to use arm that is hard, in the sense that you have to adjust it to do what you have to do. A strong, light, and well-connected hand makes the task easier, but it is clear what will happen for the arm to do useful things. I don’t want to compare too much Boston Dynamics here, but the Spot arm comes with a stand-alone and stand-alone system, which allows for some complex operations to be handled by commercial users. It is still unknown how Unitree does this.

We are at the point now with most robots that in most cases, the software is different instead of the hardware, and you get what you pay for. That said, sometimes what you want or what you want is a cheap way to work, and remember AlienGo of Unitree less than $ 10K. There is a need for cheaper tools, and while they may not be ready to be shipped to commercial products right now, it is good to see such options on the market.

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