Uh-Oh, 'A Sense of Drift:' They Start Discussing Biden-Carter Similarities on 'Morning Joe'

How are things with Joe Biden? On top of the latest research showing him with a minimum approval of 33%, here comes the authoritative member of the press conference on the similarities between the Biden leadership and Jimmy Carter.

Friday Morning Joe, Ed Luce was invited to discuss the matter Financial Times paragraph, “America’s Nagging Echoes of the 1970s.” Luce noticed similarities between rising prices, rising crime rates, and threats from Moscow. But the most dangerous similarity he drew was:

“Thoughts a emotion, common emotion. The ideas we have a president who does not know his future. “


Being generous, Luce naturally tried to get rid of some of Biden’s, saying that there were too few presidents who could do more to influence rising prices and crime. Wrong! Putting billions into the economy has brought heat. And all the Biden party rhetoric about police compensation, all of which looks to the other side as violence has plagued police and workplaces, has disrupted some law enforcement agencies while inciting terrorists. (This is what Carter said, too – “gee, there is little he can do.”)

And Luce is known to still be happy with Biden, giving hope for his worst defeat:

“The difference [between Carter and Biden] and, of course, Reagan waiting in the wings is not Donald Trump. The consequences of Biden’s failure are even greater. “

No! If Biden fails and Trump returns, America may well exist! And how funny the left one, which tends to hate Reagan, makes him feel better, especially compared to Arch-Satan Trump!

Jonathan Lemire was the one who piled up the poor Biden. After quoting Carter’s well-known term “malaise”, he added that Biden had used the term recently.

This, says Lemire, “stopped many bells of Democrats and politicians: whoah, this is one of the words you don’t say.” He concluded tragically, “it’s a matter of minutes.”

Note: Carter never used the word “malaise” in his derogatory language. But he said:

“This is a problem of confidence. It is a problem that affects the heart and soul and the spirit of the will of our country. We can see this problem in the growing doubts about the meaning of our lives and the loss of unity.

Bad stuff! Not surprisingly, America received the hope of Ronald Reagan, the “bright city on the mountain,” and “the morning of America.”

At Morning Joe, Ed Luce of the Financial Times draws a parallel between the leadership of Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden aided by another section. GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer of Parodontax, Subway, and Note.

Here are the notes.

Morning Joe
6:46 am ET

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And Ed, you have a part, “America’s Nagging Echoes of the 1970s, “if we jump to that. Tell us about it.

ED LUCE: Well, then anxiety, in fact, and rising inflation, and murder rates see you this year, a loud cry from Moscow, which we had on the border with Poland at that time, and now in Ukraine. And the idea of ​​emotion, the common sense of emotion. To think that we have a president who is not an expert on his future. And the genre of rising inflation and crime, which are things that the president has little control over, the shock, is, I think, an unpleasant resemblance to the late 70s.

The difference is, of course, Reagan waiting in the wings is not Donald Trump. The consequences of Biden’s failure are far-reaching.

JONATHAN LEMIRE: For Ed Luce’s point of the 1970s, we must realize, Jimmy Carter certainly got in, making waves with his famous malaise vocals. Vice President Kamala Harris also used the same word in an interview this week, which triggered many alarm bells for Democrats and politicians: whoah, that’s one of the words you don’t say.

The American electorate is unstable and unhappy right now. The White House says look, we still have a year, almost, halfway through. We can turn this around. It’s a low moment.

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