UGreen GaN X 100W Fast Charger Review (3C1A)

The Green GaN X 3C1A was introduced in the market to show the progress that the manufacturer achieved last year and yes, the device can be considered as the second generation of GaN portable devices, with a number of modifications at 65W. Green charger.

Some are just deep in the skin as the 100W screen is slightly larger and has a different finish, but the new Green offers great power and seems to come with what the manufacturer calls a third-generation GaN semiconductor. I used to get tired of advertising like this, especially after reading about GaN 2 which seems to be in use. Its baseus 100W charger (still the same technology). In the case of Green, GaN tech it is also the same as before, but is best used to deliver high output of 100W (three-gen semiconductor means GaN only).

This should not be taken lightly as there are significant benefits from the silicone used in the past. In fact, the chargers are compact, very powerful and have a lot of power. And it is interesting to see this as a Baseus 100W charger, The Green GaN X is surprisingly compact, measuring 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches (6.9 x 6.9 x 3.3cm), while, at the same time, it plays four USB ports. This is far from the competitors and makes the 100W camera fun if you want to charge multiple devices at once. I wouldn’t have had my hopes on a gaming laptop, but the MacBook can be live (and more) with 100W.

The Green GaN X screen is made of plastic and its parts are covered with a gray finish, while the frame is black. Depending on how you charge the device, it will have a separate plug and, as expected, a more integrated system with the US plug, which is able to charge, allowing you to carry around.
And, as I said before, you get a lot of ports, so you can carry one charger and a few cables, especially since laptops come with big annoying bricks (and yes, Apple’s charger is also much bigger – if they only used GaN technology already ..) .

ugreen-gan-x-100w-fast-charger ugreen-gan-x-100w-fast-charger

Unlike other chargers, no LED light lets you know that there is power going on and I think I see a good side, which will not disappoint at night. There are three USB-C ports and they are not the same. C1 and C2 can stand on their own up to 100W if one device is connected to a charger (PD3.0 / PD2.0 / PPS and QC4 +), but port C3 has 22.5W (supports QC3.0 / FCP / SCP), similar to port fourth, single USB-A type (which supports QC3.0 / QC2.0 / SCP / FCP / AFC / Apple 5V2.4A and BC1.2). Obviously, 100W is the world’s largest output, so, if you connect several devices at the same time, power will be shared between them.

As a result, most ultrabooks can be easily carried with the Green GaN X processor and, as expected, even the 14-inch MacBook Pro can still be alive considering it comes with a 96W brick. The 16-inch is extremely uncomfortable as it comes with a 140W power adapter, but, the Green GaN X still has to charge its battery, albeit slowly. And, if you are not using the most demanding software, then a 100W charger will be enough to keep your battery level (and up) running. The Green GaN X power output capabilities are 5V / 3A 9V / 3A 12V / 3A 15V / 3A 20V / 5A 100W on the first two USB-C ports and 5V / 3A 9V / 2.5A 12V / 1.88A 22.5W for USB-C3 . The USB-A port has a power output of 4.5V / 5A 5V / 4.5A 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A 22.5W.

green-gan-x-100w-compact green-gan-x-100w-compact

To test how fast the Green GaN 100W charger works, I decided to install it against other certified chargers and yes, the ones from Apple are still the best-made devices on the market, so I decided to use the charger that came with it. and the 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro.
The idea is to keep the features very close to that offered by the original chargers, so, first of all, I looked at how Apple’s smartphone worked well with the MacBook. The output power was approximately 38-39W, the hard drive 20.28V and amperage vary slightly between 1.82A to 1.96A.

green-gan-x-apple green-gan-x-apple
Apple charger + Apple cable + MacBook Pro 13-inch

I also tested the same using Apple’s original cable connected to a USB-C1 port on the Green charger. The power supply was low, up to only 36W (which remained stable at this price) and the voltage was stable at 19.9V – the amperage did not change much to move between 1.83A to 1.85A, which is very good.

ugreen-gan-x-100w-fast-charger-test ugreen-gan-x-100w-fast-charger-test
Apple + Green GaN 100W + MacBook Pro.

Later, I connected the Apple camera to the iPhone 12 using the original cable and the output power was, about 16W (slightly variable), the power was steady at 8.93 and the amperage went from 1.20A to 1.77A.

ugreen-gan-x-100w-charger-iphone ugreen-gan-x-100w-charger-iphone
Apple charger + Apple cable + iPhone 12

Back in the Green charger, I continued to use the USB-C1 port and, when connected to the iPhone, the output power was, approximately, 18W, the volume also did not change from 9.08V, while the amperage went from 1.82A. at 2.32a.

ugreen-test ugreen-test
Green charger + Apple cable + iPhone 12

In the next step, I connected the MacBook Pro to Green GaN X’s USB-C3 port and, as expected, the maximum output power was 20.9W; the voltage was stable at 15V and the amperage remained relatively stable at 1.393-1.394A.

charger testing charger testing
Apple Cable + Green GaN 100W (USB-C3 port) + MacBook Pro.

I also wanted to check how the USB-A port works, but I had a meter that had 5V and, when I tried to use the USB-C multimeter and other cables randomly, the power output was quite impressive (like 0.1W). or something) that proves why the cables are also important, almost as important as the charger itself. And, unfortunately, you will not find one in the package, make sure you choose the right one. Finally, I decided to connect three devices at once, the MacBook Pro, the iPhone and Sony headphones, both support some form of fast charging and, when I get close to 100W on the output, I can see how the water cuts a bit in real time. One thing I did not like was that every time I connected or removed the device, the recorder would cut and reconnect all the remaining devices.

This is done so you can count the power supply and I have seen it and Huwder A1903 as well. Depending on the type of equipment you are paying for, you may not be aware of it, but it may also interfere with some important work (e.g., turning on the Raspberry Pi), so be aware of this. I know some of you may be surprised if the camera is hot and yes, the traditional camera is usually very hot, but GaN technology should prevent it from happening. Obviously, the recorder can heat up a bit (especially pushing 100W), but, when it heats up, then something might not be right and you have to replace it because it is possible.

Green GaN X


  • GaN
  • 100W output power
  • The charger is compact and easy to carry
  • Four ports (3USB-C and one USB-A)
  • It is not burned


  • When the device is added or removed, the recorder slightly cuts off any existing device to reconnect the power supply.
  • There is no cable in the package

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