Tsunami waves crash through homes in Tonga after underwater volcano eruption


The tsunami has hit Tonga, following a massive volcanic eruption near Pacific Island on Saturday.

Typhoons flooded coastal areas of Tonga, crashing into people’s homes after the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai erupted around 5.30pm on Saturday, during NZ.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii, US, confirmed the explosion caused a tsunami late Saturday night. It followed first blast, Friday, which sent ash, steam and air over 12 miles[20 km]into the atmosphere.

Tsunami waves hit a house in Tonga, after a volcanic eruption.

Screengrab / twitter

Tsunami waves hit a house in Tonga, after a volcanic eruption.

Shocking and desperate stories began to unfold after the tsunami. Locals described the waves crashing into their homes as they ate supper, and a man carried his grandmother as she fled to the roof of her house.

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Mere Taufa was inside his house with his family, preparing dinner, when he heard and heard the explosion.

“It was huge, the ground shook, our house shook. It was because of the waves, my brother thought the bombs were about to explode nearby, ”said Taufa.

“My first goal was to hide under a table. I grabbed my little sister, and yelled at my parents and others in the house to do the same.”

Tsunami waves hit Tonga after the eruption.

Screengrab / @ sakakimoana / Twitter

Tsunami waves hit Tonga after the eruption.

He also said that one thing he knew, the water had filled their house.

“We knew right away that it was a tsunami. The water was just coming out of our house.”

He saw the walls of one of his neighbors’ houses collapse from his window.

“You just hear every scream, people screaming for safety, for everyone to get to the top.”

Tevita Sailosi carried her elderly grandmother to the roof of their Nuku’alofa house when the tsunami hit.


Tongan clouds were shrouded in ashes as a result of volcanic eruptions.

“We were still shocked to tell the truth, first we heard the explosion, then the water was in our house,” said Cyrus on Saturday night.

Her family was safe, but she was worried about what the night would bring.

“I hope we are out of here, and there are no more waves. Right now we are still living, we have our phones and radio, any changes.

“We hear screams, people help where they can. We also heard another song, so it inspired us a bit. We hope everyone else is safe outside. “

A local who did not want to be named Things The New Zealand High Commission building was “full of people, and they are in dire need of food”.

They said “Soup, Popua, Fangaloto, Patangata were underwater at the end of the light” and it was “terrifying darkness everywhere”.

“A young man who had just arrived home from work said that he came out of a friend’s house without knowing what had happened to his family. They do not know if they have left home because they do not have a car. ”

It is located about 20 miles[30 km]southeast of Fonuafo’ou Island in Tonga.

It was a frequent eruption in late December.

A satellite image of Himawari-8, a Japanese satellite satellite imagery, shows a blast that appears to be from space.

A satellite image of Himawari-8, a Japanese satellite satellite imagery, shows a blast that appears to be from space.

New Zealanders have warned against moving to the coast

The counsel of the world was issued by the National Emergency Management Agency in New Zealand shortly after 8.15pm on Saturday, I warn that coastal areas in the north and east of the North Island will experience “strong and unusual waves” and “unidentified coastal waves”.

NEMA says there are dangers for swimmers, swimmers, fishermen, small boats and anyone on the water or near the shore.

People on the beach or near the beach should get out of the water, offshore and along the coast and away from ports, rivers and beaches until 4am on Sunday, and people have been warned not to go to the beach. to watch “strange” events. .

Coastal floods (floods near coastal areas) were unexpected, and there was no reason to leave the area unless specifically instructed by local security officials, the adviser said.

Storms and waves will continue for several hours and the threat “should be considered real” until the plan is resolved, NEMA said.

The NZDF said it was monitoring the situation on Saturday night, and was ready to assist if the Tongan government requests assistance.

‘Rain’ rocks in Tonga

Jese Tuisinu, a Fiji One journalist, posted a video on Twitter showing “darkness” in some parts of the island, and said people were “rushing to safety” after the blast.

Former United States Secretary of Defense Lavinia Taumoepeau-Latu was on the phone with her husband at the time, but lost contact.

While he was still speaking, darkness came and the rain began to fall.

Her husband told her that there were people who wanted to flee to higher ground, but since there was only one road from the town radio stations that told people from the central and eastern areas to stay to allow others to move.

An explosion was heard in some countries

People as far away as neighboring Fiji – northwest Tonga – also said they had heard or heard the explosion on television Saturday night.

Dr Frank Ross, who lives in Suva, Fiji – more than 800 kilometers from Tonga – said there had been “immovable, immobilized bombs” for half an hour that were still operating at 7pm NZ.

“The house was shaking, I realized it must have exploded.

“I went outside, and it sounded like a continuous explosion, an explosion, a long explosion, but there was no thunder … it must have been huge,” he said.

“It was shaking a few minutes ago – it comes and goes, then it has to be a series of explosions. It has been happening for half an hour or 45 minutes,” he said on Saturday night.

Ross said there were no signs of sea turmoil near his home, which he said was about 100 meters from the sea.

The United States issued a tsunami alert in American Samoa after the blast, but it was canceled later that Saturday night.

The move took place in Savai’i, Samoa on Saturday night, according to local reports.

The Fiji government also advised residents of low-lying coastal areas to relocate in anticipation of strong currents and tidal waves. Fiji opened a shelter Saturday night due to “strange waves”.

New Zealand reaction

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) said there were 18 New Zealanders registered with SafeTravel in Tonga.

MFAT had no “notification” on Saturday night if anyone in New Zealand was involved.

All New Zealanders in Tonga are advised to register at www.safetravel.govt.nz.

If you need help from the ambassador please contact the New Zealand High Commission at Nuku’alofa on +676 23122 or in the event of an emergency. + 64 99 20 20 20.

Meanwhile, Metservice also reported on the “strong current” from a recent eruption in New Zealand’s climate zones.

People on TV were also talking about “sonic booms” in New Zealand.

The Tauranga family, Kris and Tim, who did not want their last name used, believe they are hearing the explosion sitting in their living room.


The waves hit the Pacific island nation after the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai eruption.

“We were watching TV and the wind was blowing, the birds were tweeting, so on top of all that we heard a loud noise, like a boom, and we all looked at each other and said ‘what is that?’.

“It was very dangerous, there was a little noise far away,” he said Things.

“It was like Jurassic Park. Just like a T. rex coming from a distance and the water in this line is shaking. That is what happened. ”


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