Tottenham v Arsenal: North London derby postponed because of player absences

Arsenal defender Cedric Soares was forced to leave with an injury after just 11 minutes against Liverpool on Thursday

Arsenal’s north London game at Tottenham on Sunday has been suspended because the Gunners do not have enough players to choose from.

“The idea is due to the combination of the Covid-19, the current and recent injuries as well as the international players in the Africa Cup of Nations,” the Premier League said.

It is the 21th most suspended game this season for Covid.

Premier League rules state that a club must play a game if it has 13 players playing and one goal.

Arsenal have Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Nicolas Pepe in action for the Cup of Nations, with Cedric Soares, Bukayo Saka and Calum Chambers all injured in their first Carabao Cup semi-final match. against Liverpool on Thursday.

Granit Xhaka was suspended after being released in the first leg at Anfield and Martin Odegaard missed the game due to illness.

The Gunners said they “reluctantly” asked for a delay and were “disappointed” that the game had been suspended.

With the second Premier League game expected this week suspended for later Burnley game against Leicester City was suspended Friday for Covid-19 and for injuries in the Clarets camp.

The Premier League said: “All clubs can sign up for a stand-off if Covid-19 is the reason for their request.

“The delay rules were designed to protect the lives of players and staff, and to maintain the integrity of the game in the competition.”

“Club applications are evaluated in accordance with the lawsuit, in accordance with existing regulations and to regulate the Covid-19 suspension, based on the Omicron brand,” he added.

“The board is looking at a number of factors, including the club’s ability to form a team; its status, risks and potential Covid-19, as well as the ability of players to prepare for and play the game.

“Most of the interviews are reviewed by league experts before making a decision.”

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