Top 5 tools for Bitcoin investors (3 bonus tools)

Bitcoin is a highly volatile cryptocurrency whose market and short-term prices can be difficult to predict because it is highly volatile. But while it is difficult to predict Bitcoin prices, you can still think critically about what is happening over a long period of time with the right tools.

Here are 5 free Bitcoin tokens (with 3 bonuses) that you can use as a crypto investor:

1. Travel Averages (MA)

There are several crypto charts available on exchange platforms like One of these charts contains candlestick charts that are used to monitor prices.

For example, here, 200 MA and 50 MA (200 and 50 day moving, red and green lines in the Bitcoin candlestick chart above) are the two indicators present in this example.

When the price of Bitcoin is below the MA for 50 days, it is usually a bearish signal.

2. Type To Stock To Flow (S2F)

This is a well-known example of PlanB that uses Bitcoin depreciation to predict its value. In the above quotes, the stock-to-flow model predicts a BTC price of more than $ 100.

Like silver or gold, Bitcoin is a rare commodity, but it is the first non-digital commodity the world has ever seen, which can be sent worldwide via the internet. This digital shortfall has its advantages, and this value can be calculated using a stock-to-flow model.

So far, this type of PlanB has not been approved. While one does not have to make decisions and decisions based on a single indicator, the stock-to-flow model provides useful information on Bitcoin price movements.

3. Bitcoin Greed and Fear Index

One of the most important things a successful entrepreneur needs to know is market sentiment in order to pursue a successful career.

By combining the Fear and Greed Index with the Bitcoin price system, you can make important decisions such as capture, collection, or profit making.

There are several ‘Greed and Fear’ signs that have been created by various groups, for example, and They provide more or less statistical methods to understand how the current market affects the value of Bitcoin.

4. Exchange Reserve


This free Bitcoin token can be found on, which shows the amount of bitcoin being held in exchange for wallets.

When the stock exchange is low graph, it shows that the currency is trading their bitcoin from the exchange, meaning they are planning to hold their BTC. This, in turn, often indicates an increase in price.

5. Bitcoin Relative Strength Index


Similar to the Stock-to-flow model, this model is also developed by PlanB, and you can look at the live chart. Pano.

In general and as described in website, If you look at the RSI section to the right of the Bitcoin Relative Strength Index, a higher number (usually equal to or greater than 70) indicates that Bitcoin is being traded in excess. In contrast, the global Bitcoin price movement (equal to or less than 30) indicates that Bitcoin is trading more and more.

Three Bonus Tools for Bitcoin Investors:

6. SSR (Stable Coin Supply Ratio)


SSR is a number defined by the size of the Bitcoin market divided by the total market capitalization of stablecoins. When this figure is low, it tells us that there is a bullish sentiment.

This is because a steady rise in stablecoins means that there is a great need for Bitcoin. On the other hand, the higher the number, the more likely it is that a decrease in stablecoins will result in fewer people buying Bitcoin.

7. Pa-Chain Indicators

Data signals on the chain focus on releasing and monitoring the amount of information available on a public blockchain platform such as the Bitcoin transition to help make better decisions for investors.

Cryptoquant and Glassnode both offer a number of useful crypto tokens on their platforms. In Cryptoquant, you can view and use tokens such as NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit and Loss) and LTH-SOPR (Long-Term Holder Spent Output Profit Ratio) similar to what Glassnode publishes except for the remaining time for unpaid users.

At Glassnode, you can create your own many useful features as a paid member such as Long-Term Net Position Change, Number of Active Entities, Long-term Holder SPOR, etc.

8. Brief resolution

This indicator gives us an idea of ​​whether a sudden increase in BTC price could occur due to investors resuming when their frequent positions are removed. Other free sites that offer a lot of useful information on removal by and

Final Thoughts

There are many other free Bitcoin you can use to deposit and sell Bitcoin in the crypto market, and you should always use what works best for you.

No matter what, always remember that no matter what you use or brand, don’t rely on just one or two. Always mix and match markers and test them at the same time.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is not legally binding and is currently unregulated. Please be sure to check the validity of the transaction in trading cryptocurrencies because they are often subject to price fluctuations. The contents of this section do not represent any financial advice or responsibility of WazirX. WazirX reserves the right to modify or edit this post at any time and for any reason without notice.

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