Tim Louis: Vancouver lost a treasure—a toast to John Bishop

I was so sad lately to know that Adam Smith ‘s invisible hand is at work in Kitsilano.

In the spring of 1985, six months after I started my law firm, an amazing man—John Bishop– opened his own amazing restaurant, Bishop, in West 4th Avenue. For many years, my friend Penny and I enjoyed a very interesting experience not only eating for Bishop but also for him. Although his West Coast meal was always delicious, one would not eat at Bishop’s without eating the delicious food that was not mentioned on the menu — a rich and rewarding discussion with John himself.

John did not know the meaning of the word banal. Each discussion was filled with delicious, meaningful food — her childhood, her role in the hospitality process before the Bishop, and her genuine interest in her neighbors, including us. He seemed to have an encyclopedic memory, and although a year had passed since our last visit, he would still remember what we had told him earlier about what we were doing.

Usually, at the end of a difficult case, I take my client to Bishop for a successful celebration. My clients would not leave the restaurant without mentioning how much they enjoyed their conversation with John.

John was the leader. He pioneered West Coast cuisine and similar essentials, using homemade ingredients. He did this long before humans realized climate change and global warming.

In 2004, John kindly invited me to attend a new convention of the City of Vancouver. Food Policy Council, which I helped set up during my second term at Vancouver city council. John’s increased knowledge and understanding of names greatly benefited the great work of the Food Policy Council, which created the Vancouver organization. Food Food and encouraged the continuation of the City Diet.

Then, a few months ago, came the invisible hand of Adam Smith. John’s landlord died.

At that time, John was paying $ 34 per square feet triple net net restaurant rent. This means that, on an annual basis, John pays twice as much as he or she owes and, moreover, pays all the costs the homeowner may incur, including the high taxes on City of Vancouver.

The landlord then sold the house that housed John’s restaurant to his new owner. The new owner demanded $ 100 per square foot triple net rent and salt on the wound, brought in a researcher who re-examined the site and determined that 1,500 square feet John was paying 36 years ago should be 1,800 square feet. .

It was not financially possible for John to continue. As a result, on December 31, 2021, John ate his last meal at Bishop’s and Vancouver lost property.

I admire John Bishop, a very talented cook, host, and good man.


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