Thousands protest across France against new vaccine pass

Published on: 15/01/2022 – 18:47

Thousands of people demonstrated in cities in France on Saturday in protest of a crackdown on people who did not receive the Covid-19 vaccine, as parliamentary disputes continue over legal issues.

In the capital Paris, a major conference was held near the Eiffel Tower, convened by EU anti-EU leader Florian Philippot.

Members of the group chanted “no vaccine” or “Djokovic freedom”, holding the number one tennis challenge in the world. Novak Djokovic, who is battling the Australian government to compete in the Grand Slam Australian Open next week.

“Novak is our nation right now,” presenter Pascal told the French news agency AFP in Bordeaux.

He is traveling with parents of children at a tennis club in the west of the city, where he said the coach could be fired for refusing to vaccinate.

In Paris, the protesters carried French flags and territories, with placards with messages as “not a virus they want to control, and you”.

“With Nazism, it is racism, I was not beaten and I am against vaccination,” said Claire, 60.

Two others, Laurence and Claire, said they had received the vaccine “but we are against the youth certificate, we do not see why they are getting vaccinated because they are not at risk”.

Although officials had not yet released the number of people who arrived in the country during the day, police or government officials counted about 1,000 each in Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Marseille.

The protests are expected to evict 105,000 people who took to the streets last week – some of whom were probably encouraged by Emmanuel Macron’s announcement. The Parisian interviews with the newspapers they want “irritate” without shearing and new restrictions until he approved the coronavirus shot.

Vaccine pass bill

In the first step, the measure went into effect on Saturday which will block the “health certificate” issued by the government to thousands of people who have not received the incentive vaccine within seven months of the shooting.

The license – which provides access to public places such as restaurants and restaurants – will be converted into a “vaccination certificate” under a law being debated in parliament, meaning proof of the problem will be required.

So far people have been able to maintain their identity card with the wrong coronavirus test.

“It was a quick” arrest, 32-year-old Juan Fernandez said shortly after the shooting on Saturday morning.

“When you come out, you need a health certificate all the time, that’s the main reason I made it.”

These strategies have been promoted by the government in the face of a rapidly growing epidemic. Omicron different.

Friday, 330,000 new Covid-19 disease cases were confirmed in France, about 300,000 last week.

But hospital pressures have not grown in the same way, with Health Minister Olivier Veran saying Omicron is dangerous and patients with a wide range of ailments need longer hospital stay.

Members of the National Assembly passed a resolution calling for vaccination in the upper house of the Senate on Saturday morning.

It can be delivered on a Sunday after the return and future between the two houses on the questions as to the minimum age and whether the owners need to be empowered. to see customers.

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