The Mighty Drake booed off stage at Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival

The  Hip-hop star was the special guest artist at the festival, the organizers never knew there would be a backlash by the fans who were expectant of Frank Ocean and greeted the star with no’s and booing, the Canadian hip-hop star was seen telling the audience in an awkward footage “like i said , i am here for you and if you want to keep going, i will keep going.” He was again met with no’s and booing, to which he responded: “it’s been love, I go by the name Drake, thank you for having me” before exiting the stage 20 minutes before his set was supposed to conclude. The crowds were shouting  “we want Frank!!!”

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drake booed off stage







Tyler the creator never said it was “frank ocean” or gave clues about it, prompting fan speculation that the top act might be frank Ocean. I wonder how the drake lovers will be feeling and how drake himself will be feeling.

Here is a link to the video

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