The Masked Singer: 18 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Didn't Know

The same culture of Singer Wearing Mask it means that it is one of the most secret shows on TV, where viewers try to identify who is hiding behind the beautiful and unusual costumes.

When we have our own ideas who can be one of the most recent weapons of this amazing game, we have also been exploring what is happening behind the madcap simulation games.

Here are 18 secrets we were able to reveal …

1. In order to prevent musicians from coming out, not all members see exposure.

The entire show is filmed in front of about 500 people (with the exception of last year’s series, which features people far away) all of which remain until the celebrity is about to take off the mask.

In the meantime, more audiences have to leave the studio, with about 30 people left to watch the big show, in order to reduce the growing damage. All of these components are adjusted together, the home viewer does not have the flexibility to adjust.

Those who apply for tickets to see the show are warned of this in advance on the ticket page, so as not to be disappointed on the artist night.

2. The listening members must also sign a confidentiality agreement

According to SRO audience, who deal with show tickets, all listening members are required to sign a release form, which allows them to take pictures, but also has “secret statements” to prevent them from telling others about who will be revealed at the show.

3. Few people know the names of everyone involved

Some of the characters in the third series of The Masked Singer

Instead, only six people know all the celebrities who are taking part in the series.

Host Joel Dommett he told a press conference in 2020: “I think there are six people who know, in a group of about 250 designers. He is a two-person producer, a member of a knowledgeable team, a stylish and costume designer and so on.”

4. Singers do not know who all the other stars in the show are

They can all share the stage in groups, but celebrities do not know who else is appearing on the show – they get it all at once.

5. Also the names of people, celebrities also have codenames

These codenames – which are usually linked to the celeb in some way – are used by the production team by naming them before recording.

For example, former Labor Party MP and postman Alan Johnson – who appeared to be Pharaoh in the first round – was named “Stamp”, while former EastEnders star Patsy Palmer (aka Butterfly), was “Square” and singer of The Darkness Justin. Hawkins (aka Chameleon) was “Light”.

6. Costume makers do not know who makes the clothes

Behind the scenes Plunge costume designer
Behind the scenes Plunge costume designer

The group is sent the dimensions of celebrities and then uses a representative and a person of similar body shape to match the outfit.

A few in the costume group will find out who the celebrities are when they get established and I have to imitate the stars in the costumes, but producer Tim Simpson for Plunge Creations sold HuffPost UK that most of his team only know those who are being exposed on TV.

7. How more garments are made in each series than is required

There are usually 12 contestants in each series of The Masked Singer, but the final costumes are changed from a list of about 75 ideas. About 20 of them are made into working ideas for the final line before consideration.

8. Each garment takes about a month to make

The planning team creates similarities with the stunt doubles so that the information of the competitors is not confidential
The planning team creates similarities with the stunt doubles so that the information of the competitors is not confidential

Sarah Mead / Plunge Creations

Designers can work on the head before they know who they are, but they need their measurements before they can wear real clothes, and Tim said it could be a “stop-start” until the manufacturers get the whole line. place.

However, once all have been confirmed, there are 12 garments to be made within a month, and work is being done all at once.

9. There are about 45 people in the clothing group

A production team working on Robin's costumes in the second series
A production team working on Robin’s costumes in the second series

Sarah Mead / Plunge Creations

Tim explained that he has “a variety of skills” and they all work on clothing, at the same time, saying: “We have artists who make masks, we have tailors, we have people who can walk. foam.

“There are also metals that go into clothing, there are electronics – not to mention a team that just prepares everything and manages to buy all the equipment, which has been very difficult this year, because we could not go down.

10. The show’s creators were inspired by Mickey Mouse on the rules surrounding clothing

Contestants spend a lot of time in their underwear
Contestants spend a lot of time in their underwear

When it came time for celebrities to wear their costumes, major producers Derek McLean and Daniel Nettleton said they were looking at Disneyworld and the rules they have for players there.

“The stars are only allowed to wear their clothes for 20 minutes,” he said The sun. “We were inspired by Disney. This is how long Minnie and Mickey Mouse can be in their clothes before they go doolally.

“In the end we became very strict. You do not want celebrities wearing clothes to go crazy everywhere.”

11. Even the disguises that the singers wear backstage are uncomfortable

Masked Singer rivals are required to wear a back cover
Masked Singer rivals are required to wear a back cover

All Masked Singer fans know that competitors are wearing a large black hoodie that says “Don’t Talk to Me” with a visor to hide their faces when they are in the back and not the clothes. What you don’t see, is how they should also wear balaclava and gloves too, to make sure every part of their body is hidden.

Following her dismissal as three Snowleopard, Gloria Hunniford, she said standing back was no more comfortable than her stage team.

“I have never had to wear a flash in my life! She told the Loose Women group. It is hot and restrained.

“When you come out of the studio, say you did an audible voice or something, they had portacabins on the outside, so you had to put them on every time. And actually when you got into the actual outfit, it was refreshing in some ways.”

12. The requirements for wearing very black also extend to other items they bring to the studio

Apple B – who appeared as a Seahorse in the second series of the show – revealed that the singers were told to pack all their belongings in ordinary black bags, not to reveal the obvious.

He also talked about how he almost gave up the game when he started filming with other well-known objects.

“I am a big tiger lover so I came with a tiger bag and my tiger ears which I had to hide and hide,” he said. Metro.

“They were like, ‘no, you have to bring everything black.”

13. The exhibition is being filmed at the RAF airport

The Masked Singer was filmed at the studio of the RAF airport in Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. It was specially built in 2018 for revival Dancing On Ice, and the studio is home to Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel.

Airbase alone has also received several films over the years, including 2016 Star Wars a film from Rogue One.

14. This group is not allowed to enter all visible areas

Group Masked Singer

Davina McCall he tells OK! Magazines: “I am not allowed to go behind the scenes! We are not allowed to go anywhere because everything is hidden. ”

There are different areas behind the receiver Joel Dommett, the band and the musicians so that the possible connection is greatly reduced.

15. Jonathan Ross has a lot of comfort created in his closet

Davina described him as a “very cold man” when it came to the dressing rooms, revealing that he had a lot of home comforts when he was painting.

He told OK !: “He arrives on the first day with a music player, speakers and a lot of vinyl. He renovates his entire room like a house from home.

“I always feel jealous and think, ‘God, I have to do it sometime.’”

16. Rita and Mo lose their phones during the recording

Jonathan recently revealed that Rita Ora had her phone confiscated on the set, I tell you Metro: “Rita was told that she was using her cell phone during the break, because you know that teenagers and their cell phones can’t be separated.

“Eventually, he removes his phone. When we start filming, he removes Rita Ora’s phone so she can’t get a gram while making the film.”

Mo Gilligan he later revealed that he too had been robbed of his phone by the authorities, but apparently Jonathan and Davina did not follow such rules.

17. Joel’s clothes are often made for him

Joel Dommett

If there is one thing that is guaranteed in every episode of The Masked Singer is that the recipient Joel Dommett will be wearing an impressive suit.

Many of his ensembles are mentioned, made him a show by artist Joshua Kane, and in the previous series, Joel sold several of them for charitable donations.

18. Some HUGE stars have appeared in international genres

Kermit was revealed on The Masked Singer US
Kermit was revealed on The Masked Singer US

The Masked Singer UK has pulled it out of the bag when it comes to throwing, with impressive names like Ne-Yo, Kelis and Mel B all appearing, but the international genres of the show. they have very strange names.

In the US, like Lil Wayne, Caitlyn Jenner, Mickey Rourke, Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, even Sarah Palin and Kermit The Frog were revealed. Ryan Reynolds also appeared on Korea’s first list.

The Masked Singer airs on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.


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