The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Bosh Kala Shrine Guide


The Bosh Kala Shrine or The Wind Guides You it is one of the sanctuaries Zelda’s Story: Breath of the Wild. This shrine acts as a tutorial on using Paraglider with the wind. As the head of the Shrine says, The Wind Guides You, the Shrine requires Link to cross the Shrine with the help of the wind and the Link paraglider. This is an easy-to-complete sanctuary, and in this guide, you will learn how to complete the Bosh Kala Shrine and get the chests.

Link will be paid for with it Spirit Orbs to finish the Shrines. Available Spirit Orbs can be exchanged for Cardiovascular vessels or Stamina vessels. Since there are 120 Shrines all over the Hyrule, Link can get 120 Spirit Orbs. You can choose whether you want Link to have more Hearts or more Stamina.


Bosh Kala Shrine ili ku Dueling Peaks Region then east of the Outpost Ruins. This shrine may be one of the first places that Link will experience once he leaves the Great Plateau. The Bosh Kala Shrine is one of nine sanctuaries in the Dueling Peaks Region.

The Wind Guides You

When you enter the Bosh Kala Shrine, you will see a flight of stairs with a tower on the left, a chest on the top of the tower on the right, a whirlwind blowing from left to right, and a path in the middle.

To complete this Shrine, Link must:

  1. First, board the steps to the left, following the wind blows and look at the tower and the chest the other side of the room. Then, jump to the edge of the platform and immediately press the X button to use Paraglider and, with the help of the wind, fly the other way and to the chest. Open cough to a Amber.
  2. One, drop down platform and keep on the way.
  3. Next, board a short flight of steps to the left with a tempestuous wind, jumping edge and, again, quickly whipping Paraglider and the wind shall carry thee away into a desert platform on the other side.
  4. After that, add platform in the middle which also has a tempest, jump from the edge, and quickly whip the Paraglider of Link. Once you are near the platform with the altar, immediately turn right and try to reach the platform with the box on top. Open the chest to get a Soldier’s Claymore.
  5. One, descending and descending to the platform a short distance below platform and chest and make your way climbing the stairs.
  6. Then, go up the middle tower and the wind again, jump from the edge, and let the wind blow you away a platform with an altar there.
  7. Afterwards, going up the stairs, talk to the monks and take yours Spirit Orb.

As mentioned above, the Bosh Kala Shrine or The Wind Guides You are one of the nine Shrines in the Dueling Peaks Region. Other sanctuaries are Ta’Loh Naeg Temple or Ta’Loh Naeg Doctrine, Ree Dahee sanctuary or Timing Is Critical, Hila Rao shrine or Drifting, Ha Dahamar shrine or The Water Guides, Shee Vaneer shrine or Twin Memories, Shee . The sanctuary of Venath or Twin Memories, the Lakna Rokee temple or Lakna Rokee Blessings, and the Toto Sah or Toto Sah Apparatus temple.


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