The Game Archaeologist: Talking 25-year-old Tibia with CipSoft


Not every MMORPG can boast that it started in the late 90s and is still going strong even today. However, Tibia is one of the elite club of the long running MMOs that not only continues to exist but well as well.

This year, the former MMO was silent celebrating his 25th year since its inception in 1997, and CipSoft wants everyone to be seated and aware. The studio’s founder, Stephan Vogler, sat down to talk with us about the past, present, and future of Tibia.

Massively OP: For someone who has never heard of it Tibia in the past, can you explain what this MMO is saying? Why is it special?

Stephan Vogler: Tibia has been online since January 7, 1997, making it one of the first MMORPG. The online game of the day, called the Multi User Dungeons, was still relatively simple, so we wanted to do this with graphics. This is why the name of the project was “GMUD” or “Graphical MUD.”

When I told the admin of another German MUD about our work, he laughed. Of course, what we had in mind was very ambitious. We were encouraged by the Ultima list, in particular Final 6 and the ability to connect with anything in the gaming world. Everything that was there could be taken and used – we wanted to combine this with the ability to interact with others in the game industry.

By the way, we found out that Ultima manufacturers are working Finally on the Internet at the same time we are doing our job, because we got job advertisements from Origin when we were researching online programs. Other than that, there was nothing to be found on the subject. At that time we found only one book that describes the online program under Unix. We bought it and it is still in our office today. Since then, Tibia has been created on a regular basis and our exciting student work has now grown into a company with about 100 employees.

Supported Tibia long-term endurance? What is the key to success?

In our opinion, there are a number of reasons why he is successful. For example, Tibia gives players more freedom than other games. You have a lot of creative opportunities, you can choose for yourself how you want to play and get involved in the community.

Another reason is that Tibia was one of the first games of its kind using a freemium or free version and could be released for free at a time, while many similar games had to be purchased as a priced box in the store.

What is more, we as a company have always been careful and self-sufficient in our current income. We still do it to this day, by the way. We have never taken any loans, we have no Investor or publisher. We did everything on our own and did not spend any more money than we had. We will not be in danger Tibia pa long-term success to make a short-term profit. Some studios have caused major accidents and recruited a large number of staff. Then, if money does not grow as expected, companies will run out of money and have to stop using their games.

And then, of course, there is a circuit. You play like Tibia, which is more about interaction, complex relationships develop between players over the years. This is why many come in every day to meet their friends.

Can you give us any tests of the game’s status: demographics, users, dev team numbers, and so on?

So far, about 32 million players have created accounts and Tibia has made more than 200 million euros. Last year, Tibia had more than 650,000 players. There have been over 60 major changes so far, which makes the game even bigger. If you spend just one second on each game, you will need 40 days to explore the world. Tibia. About 100 people now work at CipSoft, most of them Tibia.

Do most players use Tibia on a computer or phone these days?

To date, it is not possible to play PC version Tibia on hand tools. I am TibiaME, we released the first MMORPG for mobile phones in 2003, but thanks to technology at the time, the game is very different from Tibia.

In 2022, we will roll out a mobile app called Tibia Observer, which will allow players to know the basics of the game and receive notifications during fun events Tibia. This is our first step in bringing the original Tibia on mobile. We do not guarantee that in the future we will try to create a PC version of this game on mobile devices in some way, but there is currently no specific plan in this regard.

Some of the great things that are happening in Tibia over the last few years?

We have made great strides in every direction. First and foremost in the fight against botting is the combination of the anti-cheat system BattlEye, which runs in the background and plays. Tibia. We have also established unnecessary connections, which have improved the type of connectivity and all sporting events. DDOS attacks are no longer a problem in the game. We have come a long way here that some developers envy, as we know in the interview. However, we are still working and are not resting on our progress so far.

All in all, a lot has happened professionally. There are also lines of code in the game that were written by the developer, but the client, for example, was redesigned in 2016, and the server was redesigned several times.

Another new feature in the last few years that could be unveiled is the launch of Char Bazaar, which allows players to buy and sell characters. Marketing posts have always been available, although we did not agree with them. But there is nothing you can do about it because it happens outside of the game – and all the risks associated with buyers and sellers. That’s why we want to create a positive and secure solution for players, and the truth is: Char Bazaar is a winner.

You restarted retro servers in 2019 – how’s it going? Has the group considered other private law servers since then?

I have to say here that our retro servers no longer play the game JUST as it was 10 or 20 years ago. These are recent servers with modified rules that are very similar to the old ones. In our opinion, there is no other way, because there were good reasons why the game was already changed. You just can’t turn back the clock. It would not make sense to bring back the old stories to change the same 20 years ago. That’s why you have to compromise.

Retro servers are not the most popular servers we have, but they are great, so we keep developing new ones from time to time. Usually, we also consider other servers that have different rules. We are also trying to start running servers, for example, but they have not been successful. If it seems that the community may want something, then we wonder if we can do it.

How can that be Tibia team to hear about Ravendawn, a new MMO project that closely resembles your game?

I have to admit that I do not know the job at all, so I can not comment on it.

What are your plans? Tibia in 2022 and beyond?

We grow and develop all the time Tibia. We will continue to listen to the players and strive to give them what they enjoy. Even after 25 years, we still have a lot of ideas for new things and interesting questions. We now surprise players, for example, by announcing that Tibia will be in the game sound this year. (So ​​far, the game has been quiet.) In commemorative video, as we appreciate the players over the last 25 years, you can get a first impression of what it will feel like.

Thanks for sharing it all with us!
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