Tesla Cybertruck delayed again as production reportedly pushed back to 2023

A source said Cybertruck is slow to make the electric car more difficult as competition increases in this market.

Tesla Cybertruck is facing some delays, with initial plans going back to the end of the first quarter of 2023, the source said. Reuters.

The source said the delay was due to Tesla changing the shape and function of the electric motor vehicle to create a compelling object while the competition was burning in the region. The EV company plans to make a small production of Cybertruck early next year before the launch, according to the source.

The statement is supported by the latest version of the article on the Cybertruck product page. He reads, “You will be able to complete your renovation as production approaches in 2022”, but the page does not mention 2022.

The EV company is known for its electric cars and SUVs but is looking to enter the transport market, which is very popular in the US and is expected to arrive. Price $ 86bn in 2022.

Companies including Ford and Rivian Automotive are also looking at the electric car market. Ford has announced in recent weeks that it will be imminent making twice a year his luck F-150 Lightning carrying electricity to 150,000 vehicles a year by mid-2023, citing the strong demand for consumers.

The future cybertruck was first revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2019. Production was planned for the end of 2021 but resumed at the end of 2022.

Musk has previously said there is always a chance that Cybertruck will be “shaken”, but also said he does not care.

“I like it when others don’t like me. “Some of the cars are similar, but Cybertruck seems to have been built by future tourists,” he said. tweeted in July 2021.

When asked to report on car production last November, he he said: “This year has been a very difficult one and it has not ended”. He also said he has provided a revised roadmap for Tesla’s re-launch, which was scheduled for January 26th.

Tesla wants to build Cybertruck in its Texas factory, according to Reuters. The company decided that moving its capital to Texas in October, where Musk cited the high cost of living and long hours in California as reasons for the decision.

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