TAPME: Flappy Bird And Crypto Punks Inspired Play-To-Earn GameFi TAPS On Coinstore

What is TAP?

Inspired by the well-known pixelated pieces of Flappy Bird and Crypto Punks, the release of TAPME’s GameFi allows players to simply hold the screen at a time to direct the characters flying down. Remind you of the fun of the Flappy Bird game that attracted the world with simple but addictive games! The job of the players is to prevent their characters from touching the obstacles so that the player can move forward as much as possible. Players earn points on any obstacle, and points can be converted into tokens with real market value.

TAPME GameFi features:

  • Low screen – People can buy NFT characters for less money to start the game.
  • Play Easy – Like other common games, TAPME is easy to use and suitable for all ages. People can directly convert information into symbols.
  • NFTs Profit Sharing – Raise your NFTs and put them at risk to earn the money you earn
  • Cross-NFTs are special! – Players can use NFTs from other games, even making their own NFTs to participate in the game.
  • Challenge others with tokens – Fight in the Daily Arena or bet with others to win more tokens!
  • Breeding – Get the best characters by giving birth to the lowest!
  • Commercial Market – Want to collect another NFT person? Sell ​​Them In The Selling Zone!
  • Depending on the game devs, there are many more awaiting release!

TAPME Token briefly

Token Token: $ TAP

Total Amount: 90,000,000

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Coinstore List: 15 January 2022, 21:00 (UTC + 8)

Reservation: 15 January 2022, 19:00 (UTC + 8)

Delivery Time: 15 January 2022, 23:00 (UTC + 8)

What is TAP Utility Utility?

As a GameFi TAPME token, TAP is used in the game to purchase NFT characters, and is played in the game, which produces CHIP tokens that allow breeding NFTs to play:

  • Focus on revenue sharing in Q1 2022
  • As the NFT rate increases, and with more NFTs, revenue sharing increases
  • TAP can be used to purchase NFT characters
  • Sending to Multichain
  • Tapme Tournaments and Championships

At the time of writing, one TAP token was valued at approximately $ 0.01444910 ~ USDT.

A Focus on TAP’s Tokenomics

TAP has 90,000,000 tokens:

  • 35% donation to Private, Seed, and IDO rounds
  • 10% tokens are locked for 6 months to earn money
  • 15% tokens are placed on Airdrops by Advertising
  • 15% of tokens stored for reward
  • 10% tokens are awarded in competitive games
  • 5% tokens are donated to the warehouse
  • 7% tokens are issued to the Manufacturing Team
  • 3% marks are awarded to Sponsors and Advisers

Interested users can check out TAPME in Coinstore from 15 January 2022 onwards and be a part of this exciting project!

TAPME’s Official Channels

Website: https://tapme.pet

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pet_tapme

Turn on TAP Coinstore.com: https://www.coinstore.com/#/spot/TAPUSDT

Download and Coinstore.com program: https://www.coinstore.com

More about Coinstore

Coinstore’s goal is to advance the crypto market to a certain level and provide an opportunity for a well-known wealth to the masses. Incorporating a new concept of “entertainment” on the economy, Coinstore also seeks to provide users with information on how to buy, sell and sell on the go. Still in its upcoming sessions, Coinstore welcomes community members and partners who are interested in joining us to collaborate.

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