Taliban Dismiss Nearly 3,000 Members For Abusive Practices: Official




Currently about 2,840 members have been fired, the official said (Representational).


The Taliban have expelled about 3,000 members accused of abusing their courageous Muslim group on a well-established route since taking office, an official said on Saturday.

The Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in August after 20 years of insurgency against US-backed governments and NATO foreign troops.

Promising a lower order during the 1996-2001 regime, the Taliban government set up a body to identify members who violated the group’s rules.

“They were giving a bad name to the Islamic Emirate. They were removed from the process so that we could build an army and white police in the future,” party leader Latifullah Hakimi in the Ministry of Defense told AFP.

So far about 2,840 members have been laid off, he said.

“He was involved in corruption, drugs and interfered in people’s lives. Some also had ties to Daesh,” Hakimi said, using the Arabic words of the Islamic State group.

Taliban militants are being blamed on anti-apartheid activists, although party leader Hibatullah Akhundzada has ordered a pardon.

The regional head of the jihadist group has been a major security issue for Islamist officials who often shoot at senior gunmen in Kabul and other cities.

Hakimi said the nominees came from 14 states and the process of “filtering” such members would continue in other states.

Since the coup, Taliban authorities have banned the rights of Afghans, especially women.

Women working in the government have been severely restricted from returning to work, while many high schools have not reopened girls.

Long female visits not provided by a male close relative are also banned.

(With the exception of the headline, this article was not edited by staff at NDTV and was published from affiliated groups.)


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