Sweden to withdraw from French-led special forces mission Takuba in Mali

Published on: 14/01/2022 – 12:02

Sweden has decided to withdraw its troops this year from a special European military force in the Sahel, and will review the UN’s offer after the arrival of Russian special contractors in Mali, its foreign minister said.

“We have already decided that this year we will leave the Takuba army,” Ann Linde told reporters Friday ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers. France.

“The question is what should we do with Minusma,” he said, referring to the UN peacekeeping mission at the United Nations. Mali.

The Swedish Parliament approved the transfer of 150 troops to Takuba in 2020 and has about 250 troops as part of Minusma.

Takuba was appointed as his successor BarkhaneFrance’s anti-terrorism operation in West Africa Sahel the region that French President Emmanuel Macron has begun to reduce from its first 5,000-strong force.

It has 14 European countries, which provide a special, supportive and intelligent force to work with local forces in the fight against Islamic State terrorists.

French officials have said they will discuss with their colleagues how to respond to work, but have acknowledged that some missionary countries are particularly concerned about the arrival of Mali for special contractors from Russia. Wagner Groupwhose members are often former employees.

Most of Takuba’s activities are located in West Africa.

Mali’s military-led minority government, which seeks to extend its five-year term, has criticized Paris for resigning and has made alliances with Wagner, which France and its allies say is unrelated to their military presence.

Linde said the assertion of Wagner’s party and Junta’s efforts to stay in power was unacceptable.

“Now we know (there is) Wagner’s team … next week.

“The truth will have consequences.”

The French army says Sweden has planned to withdraw troops after two years and that its operation ended in March. A source said Swedish officials should remain part of the mission.

The European Union (EU) has imposed sanctions on Mali in the wake of ECOWAS, a West African bloc’s delay in holding elections in 2020, EU Commissioner Josep Borrell said on Thursday.


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