Steve Cooper believes Forest showcased promotion credentials with Millwall win

Steve Cooper believes his players showed off their high profile as Nottingham Forest fled Den with a 1-0 win. Millwall

Lewis Grabban’s prolonged beating helped the visitors in the group to a win while Forest remained a long way from the Championship.

Millwall dominated the opening season but after losing a number of chances, he was penalized to death after striker Grabban scored his 11th goal in the league.

And the boss of Forest Cooper, whose team is always on the move with just five points left in the sixth team, said: “We knew coming here was one of the hardest things to come to play for, and get results.

“I think we shot 20 in the second half and I’m glad that one came to an end.

“We didn’t start the game very well. It started out as a game we knew it could be, but we didn’t help ourselves if the truth was told.

“In half an hour we started to settle down, and half it came at the wrong time when Yatesey (Ryan Yates) missed a very good chance.

“He did a few minutes in the second half, but given the amount of chances that were created, I think we were worth it in the end.

“Lewis is finding the right place right now and we looked strong and solid 20 minutes ago when we couldn’t agree.

“We may agree, but we have not been able to settle down.”

Millwall began to shine in south London as Benik Afobe, Scott Malone and Danny McNamara all approached.

Aston Villa striker Keinan Davis made the most of the Forest opportunity as Cooper’s side struggled to take the break.

The guest boss must have had a word or two to say in the last minute when Grabban and Yates almost broke up at the start of the second half.

Grabban seems to have changed his line at the last minute when he missed an open goal two minutes later – but the red bowler changed and used a well-used Philip Zinckernagel to shoot the far side to win.

The result leaves Millwall with nine points in the last 11 games.

Disappointed boss Gary Rowett said: “It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s a Championship ball. The game is a last resort, and you have to take your chances.

“What you can’t do is make stupid decisions. It’s a small amount of time that we probably need to drive better and if it’s any player doing this or other players nearby, I just say ‘wait’.

“I’m grateful we want to win this game but there has to be a chance to win at that moment – maybe you see what’s going on.

“We started the first half on the climb – we were a very good team and we had a chance early and their guard saved several times.

“I thought it was a good, exciting game that all the teams are trying to win. It’s very frustrating because you work so hard all season.

“We’ve played well recently and it was another strong home run, with a lot of good points. But if you lose a 92-minute game, it just feels like a very painful injury.”

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