Ski Lift Design Does The Impossible

Tis Season, for those who love it, to climb to the top of a snow-covered mountain and then descend, very quickly. And if something has upset them, turn around. Whether on a skis, snowboard, or other adventures, descent often involves the use of gravity. Getting up, on the other hand, usually involves a ski lift. And in the video is [kalsan15] after a break, we learn how skill has penetrated so that even the most inaccessible slopes just go uphill.

Ski slopes in Europe
The slope of the slope just turns left.

In its simplest form, lift the ski with two pulleys connected by a metal cable. The pulley at the bottom of the hill is strong, and the pulley at the top of the hill acts as a lazy. Stickers on the rope are some way to make a person sit on the ground or hold a handle and lift it to the top of a hill.

Such a simple setup works best if it is in a permissive environment, but what if there is a curve, or there is a need for more work to prevent the wire from shaking and close to the ground? Once again, the ski slopes are limited. If the cord turns to the left in a circular motion, then a supporting hook or seat but sitting on the right, making the correct rotation around the laziness impossible.

How can this problem be solved? We can’t undo the consequences, but we do encourage watching [kalsan15]video of to better explain the problem and the answer that may leave you wondering “Why didn’t I think of this !?”

If you do not find this hacky enough, then take a moment to learn how you just can’t make a gas-powered ski ride to your room in the woods, but then you climb up your slope DIY Ski Bike!

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