Single Page Of Spider-Man Comic Sells For Record $3.36 Million At Auction



The sale of the famous 1984 Spider-Man cartoon started at $ 330,000.


One of the first cartoon characters from the popular 1984 drama Spider-Man sold for $ 3.36 million in the United States on Thursday, making the webslinger the most powerful hero in the world.

This page shows the first look of Spidey’s black suit that could lead to the anti-hero Venom in the art by Mike Zeck from Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars no. 8.

“This page was a great show that was ridiculed on the cover! This is where Peter Parker actually found his black dress,” Heritage Auctions said in a statement on page 25 of the article.

“But … it’s a secret dress! Because soon it becomes alive and has its own purpose. This is the beginning of Venom’s character!”

The sale of the art began at $ 330,000.

The previous history of a one-page drawing from within an American comic book was a frame for depicting Wolverine’s first portrait in the 1974 “The Incredible Hulk” story. This site sold for $ 657,250.

1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1, the first edition of Superman, sold for $ 3.18 million on the first day of a four-day Heritage Auctions ceremony in Dallas, Texas, the retailer said on Twitter.

Copy was awarded 6.0 by the CGC for managing textbooks. Two other world-renowned comic books with high-grade novels have already been sold for sale, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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