Shooting at US Concert Hall leaves six injured


Police in Eugene say six people were taken to hospital after a massive shooting in Eugene city on Friday evening.

This happened outside WOW Hall in the 200th wall of West 8th Avenue just before 9:30 pm During the shooting, Lil Bean and Zay Bang were playing.

Earlier, authorities said five people were injured, four men and one woman. Subsequently, it was confirmed that a sixth person had been taken to hospital for the incident. According to EPD executive director Chris Skinner, the man is currently undergoing surgery and his whereabouts are unknown.

The suspect was last seen wearing a sweatshirt with a hood heading west on 8th Avenue, according to Skinner.

Deb Maher, the Interim Leader, gave a speech after the shooting.

“You may have heard that there was a shooting outside WOW Hall tonight at ‘Lil Bean + Zay Bang”* concert. There is not much available here yet but we heard gunshots in the back parking lot. Goals are still unknown. We know that some people were injured, but we do not know the extent of the injuries, and we do not want to speculate. We at WOW Hall would like to thank all the respondents who came promptly to ensure the safety of everyone and to provide first aid. We hope that all staff and volunteers are safe and accountable. This has never happened at WOW Hall. Police are investigating. If we receive more, we will try to give it away. If you have any information about this event, write to a Eugene Police department at 541-682-5111. Thank you for continuing to support WOW Hall in these difficult times. All studies held at WOW Hall were terminated until further notice. ”

People are asked to call 541-682-5111 if they have any information. Police are currently investigating.

You read: A shooting at the US Concert Hall leaves six injured


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