Shanghai se prépare pour la bataille finale contre le COVID, l’épidémie de Pékin s’entête Par Reuters

Shanghai prepares for the final battle against the COVID, pékinpidémie de Pékin s'entête
© Reuters. PHOTO DU FICHIER: A medical traveler in a cost-effective protection of a coton-tige chef for nucléique side tests, or lockdown courses, or maladie coronavirus pandémie (Covid-19), à Shanghai, en China, 13 May 2022. REUTERS / Aly chanson


SHANGHAI / BEIJING (Reuters) – Shanghai reserves the legitimacy of COVID-19 for the sake of making it a safer place to keep the virus from infecting the progressive development process by enforcing restrictions, which will continue to make progress. beaucoup plus petite mais persistante.

The commercial center of 25 million d’abitants spaces for the duration of the six-week event plus the last month. On Saturdays, the authenticity of the exercise cycle of the reservoir is due to the detection of infections of the COVID epidemic of the epidemic in the payroll.

In addition to the habitat of the village in addition to the payroll, permits of the quorum for the management of the environments of the same semaine for promenade promotions or voyages of rapids, on the basis of the impetus for the intervening time for an instant пériode «silencieuse» de trois jours.

The number of entries on the notice of the day on the day that the restriction is due to the justifiable jusqu’à vendredi. If the signifie genéerementment that the population does not pass the qualification to the point where, in certain cases, it is the signifier quil that is not a pass.

Linette Lim, who has spent more than 40 days in cellular isolation, has been able to make a difference in the lives of people, and in the last few days she has been able to get to a new world, in theory, to make a difference. des restrictions plus souples.

“The most frustrating part of the world has been invaded by the victims of the sacrifices, to the survivors’ difficult challenges for the collective, and to the families who have been treated with respect and fairness in the face of the situation,” -elle.

“I have a man or a woman in the world, the buttocks of but continuity of bouger,” said Lim. “The nerves are not bound by the genes and do not pass the final test at the end. »


The centenary of millions of people in the design of the villages chinoises vivent sous des restrictions COVID à des degrés divers. The message of the promotion and fabrication of the global economic and globalization and the commerce and globalization of globalization.

Certains analysts are responsible for the economic situation in which they are due. Responses to the promise of the benefits of relation terms.

The Chinese official, underpinned by the faculty and faculty plus faciles aux perceptions of the coup d’état for the diplomatic missions, the decade cabinet, has a record 10,76 million on the university and the international community. marché du travail cette année dans une économie plus faible.

China’s corporate economy has reached a point where the average price of a magnitude of 5.8%, compared to the total liquidity rate of 16%, plus the value of the 2021 year.

Responsible for the village of Shanghai, Ding Bo, on Saturday, the number of patients in the quarantine area is estimated at 50 000, which is a picture of the enrollment of the month. Autorités ont donc fermé cinq centers de quarantaine, at-il dit.

The city has a signal of more than 1,500 cas quotidiens of coronavirus, across more than 2,000 of the country – the two in all zones under control over the districts.

The case is based on the relative humiliation of the organization and the liberalization of the surveillance for the operation of the indices on the direction of diplomacy. The case of the type of aet of deforestation, across the street.

Pékin a signalé 56 cas quotidiens, contre 50 auparavant. The latest caption is the latest in a series of recent high-risk infections that have been reported on April 22nd.

The capabilities of the capitals on the dementia cema semaine les rumeurs d’un verrouillage imminent, supporant les gens à ne pas pananiquer pour acheter mais à rester chez eux. The habitats are not necessarily the same as the conteils car of the names of the Pékin eltaient étrangement calmes.

The tests of mass in the majeure partie de la ville sont devenus une routine presque quotidienne.

The capitals of the capitals are already intertwined with the restaurant services at the restaurants, certain certainty centers and commutes, the suspension of tourist and tourist facilities, the suspension of sections of the buses, the metero et of the taxi and the impermetures of certain restrictions.

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