Seditious conspiracy charge, Kevin McCarthy defiance: Jan. 6 probe goes nuclear

If further proof was required Donald Trump then a major force in his party, just look at what has happened recently Lindsey Graham.

Graham, who spoke out against Trump when he confronted him but later became a golfer and secretive friend, is a senior GOP preacher led by a former president. Trump declared war on the opposition Mitch McConnell, calling him “lost” and “old crow,” among other epithets.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, RS.C.
(Fox News)

That’s why Graham threw a brushback tip, say Sean Hannity that he will not vote for McConnell as Republican leader later this year – unless McConnell has a “working relationship” with Trump. Which is interesting, because for the last year they had no relationship.

I doubt McConnell would lose, even if Graham would oppose him for serving as “the most important Republican since Ronald Reagan.” But Graham sends a signal that it could be disgusting.


Graham said “read me” later January 6 riots. Likewise, Kevin McCarthy he said then that Trump “is responsible” for the attack on the Capitol. McConnell spoke out strongly against Trump. But even though the junior Senate leader has chosen to remain silent since then, Graham and the junior House leader visited Mar-a-Lago and returned to Trump’s favor.

McCarthy is in a lot of news now that he has rejected a request to join the House Jan team. 6 – which has been ridiculed since then. Nancy Pelosi rejected some of the nominees in favor of anti-Trump Republicans.

House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy of California responds to reporters at the Capitol in Washington.

House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy of California responds to reporters at the Capitol in Washington.
(Associated Press)

McCarthy said Fox & Friends “ Thursday the move of the committee was “disruptive” and that the party acts as the arm of the “D Triple C,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which recruits and promotes candidates for the party.

He came out shaken at a press conference later, challenging reporters in their questions when they said the group was hypocritical and that they had already discussed publicly what they had discussed with Trump during the riots.

The television station had a date that replayed McCarthy’s response last May to testify before a “foreign committee” about Jan. 6. That was then, this is now. In fairness, his response also affected the bipartisan committee – which he assassinated – not the Hill committee overseen by the Dems.

It’s a wonderful thing, many Democrats summoning a Republican leader to ask him about his position during and after the riots. The group’s letter says McCarthy may have discussed Trump’s dismissal, resignation or dismissal under the 25th Amendment. But will the committee ask McCarthy – and if not, what will this send to Jim Jordan, Mike Pence and other Republicans who are refusing to cooperate?

Another major issue Thursday was the Department of Justice chanting the head of the Oath Keepers with a “disruptive conspiracy,” the first time such a statement has been used in an investigation.

Stewart Rhodes was not at the Capitol that day, and he told The Washington Post that he was contacting his members to “get them out of trouble” and that those who destroyed the building “resigned.” So confirming the attack would not be so easy, even though at least two Oath Keepers defendants are in agreement with the government. But Stewart’s FBI arrest affected reporters with a huge force.

President Biden speaks at the White Dining Room of the White House.

President Biden speaks at the White Dining Room of the White House.
(Associated Press)

Meanwhile, Kyrsten Sinema publicly criticized his party’s President Thursday and spoke out saying he would not support any change in the filibuster. This was a direct blow to Joe Biden, who was about to meet with the Democratic caucus for assistance in voting rights laws except for those who had taken action.

I can & # 39; t not know what the president is doing with his dangerous speech in Atlanta in favor of voting rights – how he called for a 60-vote suspension to give the idea. Comparing opponents to George Wallace and Bull Connor, they divided the Democrats – even a Senate whip, Dick Durbin, said Biden ‘rhetoric went “slightly.”

Biden always loses this fight, because he needs all 50 Democrats of the Senate and has no Style or Joe Manchin. After 36 years in the largest criminal organization in the world, he must have known that.


Perhaps Biden wants to satisfy his progressive foundations and embrace the bill of voting rights, even though he cannot. Maybe he was making it as a middle ground, because it helped him again a week later to talk to Trump.

But in politics, as in sports, the important thing is to put W on the board. And Joe Biden opted for a fight that, because of his party, would not win.

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