What is Rich Chigga Net Worth 2019 ?

Rich Chigga Net Worth 2019

If you’re into Asian music or know of some of the hottest artists in the Asian music industry, then you definitely should know about Rich Chigga. Indonesian music artist, comedian and Internet sensation Rich Chigga is just 19 years of age, but he’s super famous and has got a lofty net worth.

Early Life

Rich Chigga whose real name is Brian Imanuel was born on the 2nd of September 1999 to his parents residing in Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s the youngest of a family of six and was brought up in a middle class family. His dad is Chinese and his mum is Indonesian giving him dual citizenship. Though his father was highly educated and a lawyer, Chigga never got to attend a normal school like every other kid, he was instead home schooled.

In the year 2010, just at the age of 11, Chigga began showing a serious passion for social media and the internet at large. It’s a known fact that Chigga learnt English Language by watching videos on YouTube and listening to the record of such music artists as Childish Gambino, Macklemore, 2 Chainz and Tyler the Creator. It was also during this time Chigga tried his hands on Photoshop where he created stunning images he later went on to post on Twitter.

He soon became involved in video creation. Making a series of dark comedy videos he also released on the internet.

Rich Chigga is brother to singer and fashion blogger Sonia Erykah.



Before going into Rich Chigger Net worth in details, lets know a bit about his career. As earlier mentioned, Chigga actually started off his career on social media. He first involvement was with Photoshop where he was able to create funny pictures he shared online. One of these pictures was of him and Barack Obama, the then President of the United States. The Photo shopped picture went viral instantly and made him popular.

Prior to his involvement in music, he also dabbled into video creation. Where he made dark comedy skits and short videos, and had them uploaded on his thriving YouTube channel – Brian Imanuel created in 2014. All of his created comedy skits got loads of views and earned him more subscribers to his YouTube channel.

But Rich Chigga was heavily gifted, and couldn’t be limited to just Photoshop, video creation and comedy. Chigga also had a calling for music.

On the 17th of July 2015, Chigga gifted the world with his debut single he titled Living the Dream, produced by DJ Smokey. As expected, a video to the record was immediately released and uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Chigga’s music breakthrough came in 2016 when he gifted the world with an even bigger song than his debut. The single he titled Dat $tick went global in no time and established the young Indonesian as a music star. The record following its release, got to peak at no 4 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart. What really helped this song explode to global level was as a result of a reaction video to the song released featuring popular American artists as Tory Lanez, Desiigner, 21 Savage, Ghostface Killer and MadeinTYO.

Ever since Dat $tick, Chigga has released other amazing singles, embarked on a U.S. tour and won himself a Choice Award.

Net Worth Of Rich Chigga

Rich Chigga is wealthy and has got several streams of income to include music and YouTube. As much as music makes him a hell of money, YouTube also does as he’s got a staggering number of subscribers to his channel, and has amassed over 60 million lifetime views on his YouTube channel. It is currently estimated that Rich Chigga has a whooping net worth of $500 thousand dollars.



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