RHOSLC: Andy Cohen Teases Upcoming ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Plot Twist That Will ‘Rock’ The Cast And Talks Mary Cosby Exit!

The “Real housewives in Salt Lake CityHe also recorded a Season 2 reunion last week and was hit in the jaw, according to the organizers of the event, Andy Cohen.

“The women saw the remaining six or seven episodes before we met again, and there is something coming up that is unknown which could shake the foundations of the two ‘Housewives’.” Cohen was revealed on Sirius XM’s “Radio Andy” on Tuesday.

Cohen said the women were asked to see what was left of the season before filming so they could prepare to discuss the entire season.

“When you see this being played and realize that this was shown to the women the day before the shooting and they had to deal with it at the meetings, you will be indignant,” said the host.

Cohen he laughed that the twisting of the plot would take place in one of the next two episodes, which was filmed when the players toured Zion National Park. There are five or six episodes left this season.

Cohen he too became rich Mary Cosby‘s the decision to skip the recording of the reunion series. He also said he was disappointed Mary’s it does not exist but do not be surprised.

“I spoke to him on New Year’s Eve just hours before I was on the radio [for my CNN special]. We talked for a long time, and it was a story we had to say, but I realized he was no longer getting the credit for being on the show, ”he said.

Cohen he added that every time a “Housewife” pulls out unconventional demonstrations, it prevents them from presenting their part of the story to the viewers.

“This is what I do not like about people who do not come to meet you again – you allow others to direct your story as your final form,” he said. “I’d love to hear from him, and the truth is he was a big part of the show.”

Mary CosbyMary Cosby

The source was posted on Page Six of Mary‘s cut and run, saying he did not appear because he “did not want to deal with the conflicts around this season.”

“Jumping on the reunion is a big problem for ‘Housewives,'” the insider said. “It was a kiss of death Mary. He has no affiliation with the group, which he hopes will meet again to answer for his actions and comments about his church. “

Mary CosbyMary Cosby

Real Housewives in Salt Lake City”Is broadcast Sunday at 9pm, ET, in Bravo.

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