Review: Tommy Chims Drinks Some Weed Soda

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  • Keef soda combined with cannabis is a delicious way to enhance your day.

It is not uncommon, when you read the goods at the dispensary, to find a good old upsell from your budtender. “Oh you want X?” they will say. “You have to try Y. I have some of this on my own and it’s great!” They are sellers, after all.

Often, as is often the case with shopping, I leave the idea politely. But on a recent trip to High Profile in Sunset Hills to pick a rose, I received instructions from a store clerk who were too good to leave.

The interviewee asked if I had ever tried Keef-type alcoholic beverages found in many dispensaries. “Yeah, I drank root drink,” I replied scornfully.

“No, but have you tried this directly?” He asked pointing to a can of Purple Passion grape soda. I confessed that I did not, and only then did he allow me to say a secret.

You see, regular sodas of Keef (as opposed to adults) usually come in at about 25 milligrams of THC, and it is the amount that is advertised on most pages of the dispensary. But according to government regulations, the manufacturer must place a sticker on the front of the canister that reveals the contents of THC – with the most recent Purple Passion band whose High Profile is attached at a maximum of 32 milligrams per can.

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“When I saw that I had bought only four packets,” said my budtender, his cheerful appearance.

So, no one could give me money, I decided to give away a Purple Passion can to go. At $ 14 before tax, it was one of the most expensive sodas I had ever bought, at one time it was one of the cheapest things I ever bought at a dispensary.

Now, as mentioned, I’ve tried Keef soda in the past: At my first dispensary, I bought their main beer, 100 milligram roots and caused the root of the beer to float from it. As I recall, I lowered it all within five minutes, compared my tolerance to food, and slept for a while. But 32 milligrams seems to me if it could be a good place.

Keef recently unveiled new ways to sell their cans, to help reduce and allow consumers to store any beverage they may not need at some point. This comes as a small piece of plastic that you open and unwrap. I did not want such a device on this model, because I really want to drink it all at once, but especially on their 100 milligram donations and find it useful.

While on top of my pop, I took a pull. Its taste was very sweet, the taste of grapefruit soda, very sweet and refreshing, with a clear taste of grass. I smiled slowly for half an hour or so, and I would have done this happily even though it had not been soaked in THC – and sweet baking soda.

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The rise began to climb after about half an hour. Keef uses all mixed colors to make its sodas, to give the best results and consistency from taste to aroma. The beverage is called the pressure from which THC was removed; and keeping it, I did my research and found out that my drink was made using an indica-lean blend. Surprisingly, however, I found myself feeling better after drinking – an hour and a half later I realized I was cleaning my house, which all my roommates would prove to be not my usual habit. I was also chatty and chipper, relaxed but not stoned, and, as I put it in my notes, “beautiful in the area.” These things can be good for a party.

All told, the climb took about two to three hours, leaving me very hungry by the end (or maybe I just grew the desire with all the cleansing). I found it to be interesting from start to finish, sweet and sweet in every way possible, as well as the result. Thank you so much for the High Profile budtender on the upsell well – look so good, boss.

And while I cannot say for sure what the extra seven milligrams of THC would make, I can say one thing with certainty: I will be keeping an eye on the number of small stickers that are developing.

Thomas K. Chimchards RFT ‘author with cannabis and alias haver. Send him instructions at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter at @TOMMYCHIMS.

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