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As you know all you regular readers of the Blazing Minds entertainment websiteI have covered The Montagues for a few years now, and they never cease to amaze me, so today I bring you my thoughts on the new track, That Something.

The Montagues hail from the North Wales coast and have a great following on all social media platforms.

Kyle Parry on lead guitar and vocals, Jack Wells on drums, and vocals, Jonny Taylor on bass guitar, and vocals, Jack Mayall, guitar, vocals and Oli Harman, keyboards, videography and photography.

There is absolutely no end to this band’s talent, as the years have gone on. The pandemic hit the group hard, with no gigs, and meeting up with fans at their gigs, they still kept their name out there and gave the fans acoustic live gigs that Kyle Parry ran for charities.

Since knowing the band since late 2018 / early 2019 via Phase radio in Prestatyn, I have followed their growth as a band, and supported them whole-heartedly, even through the pandemic.

Granted I haven’t been to many gigs this year with health issues of my own, but always there in spirit, and always wish them the best before doing their gigs.

There is so much meaning to each of The Montagues’ tracks, and can resonate with each and every one of us in different ways. Such an amazing talent.

Hot on the heels of Pollyanna which was another fantastic track (check out my review of that on Blazing Minds), The Montagues have brought us ‘That Something’.

‘That Something’ is written by the legendary drummer of The Montagues Jack Wells. What an absolute talent this guy has for writing lyrics.

Lyrics such as

“I carry flaws and they’re easy to see, but I can change when you’re smothering me, smothering me”.

“Know if I can live without… .that something”.

“Stick with what you made, or pull the pin from the grenade”.

I mean, wow. And I bet you’re reading this now, thinking, “I can relate to this”. And that’s the guys’ superpowers, the lyrics of their music.

Stepping away from the genius lyrics for a moment. I also want to point out that the accompaniment of music is even better. This is definitely set out as an empowerment track, and the rolling of the drums, played by the trackwriter of the track, Jack Wells is addictive and felt like a chase. You cannot help but “air drum” to track yourself throughout. And I’m no drummer, haha. Bringing in the bass and guitars and keyboard, you find this a very catchy rock track, rocking your hair back and forth, playing your “air guitar”, and trying to keep up with the amazing voice of Kyle Parry.

The Something is absolutely immense, and the guys just more than deliver each time they are bringing out their music.

I get very excited when the guys are working on music, and I’m sure I get on their nerves asking when the new music is out haha.

But I get super excited, and I am super proud of these guys.

Wishing you all the best for the next track you bring out guys and I hope you can again trust me to review it for you.

I have given this track a mahoosive 5 out of 5, these guys never let me down with their music, and there is no stopping them right now.

The track is already out and available to download or stream, check out the video for That Something below.

Give the guys a follow on all social media platforms, and tell them Chrissie Laa told you to stop by. Keep an eye out for upcoming gigs / events on their social media @montaguesmusic

Thanks for reading.

The Something is absolutely immense

Track name: That Something

Description: The new track from The Montagues

By Artist: The Montagues

Track Duration: 2m 51s

Genre: Indie

Chrissie loves movies and spends a lot of her time with her kids at the local multi-plex watching a great selection of kids movies.

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