Police stop anti-vaxxers pestering parents over COVID-19 jabs at Valencia area school in Spain


POLICE have been summoned to a Valencia County school after anti-vaxxers harassed parents over their children receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Eight anti-vaxxers appeared Thursday afternoon outside the doors of Mestre Rafael Noguera School in the coastal town of Daimus.

The mayor of Daimus, Javier Planes, went there and told anti-vaxxers to ‘leave Daimus’ and ‘we do not want here’.

JAVIER PLANES (Photo by Daimus Ayuntamiento)

The appeal came the same day when the Valencian Group began releasing the COVID vaccine to children between the ages of nine and nine.

Schools are the ones who give the vaccine but children need to get parental permission to get the vaccine.

Parents were expecting to come to Mestre Rafael Noguera’s school around 12:30 pm to help their children when they were injected.

The community harassed them with anti-vaccine comments including the long-running impact of vaccinations for children.

The controversy escalated and the school was renamed Guardia Civil and Daimus Policia Local.

An eyewitness told Levante newspaper: “Sometimes there was a great deal of fear and discord among the families when some women became very concerned about the situation.”

The Guardia Civil ordered the protesters to leave because they were causing a disturbance.

No one was arrested.

Earlier this month, the President of Valencia, Ximo Puig, threatened to prosecute people who intimidate hospitality business owners for being forced to use COVID-19 passports.



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