Pensioner refused chronic pain medication

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January 11

Continuing in your last week’s edition of the Costa News (2483) ref. The everlasting law, quoted second to President Monica Oltra, “health and universal rights that cannot be abolished”.

My wife who has chronic, incurable back pain, was taking morphine in lollipop form and had to use it three times a day, morning, day and night.

One day the drug disappeared, without explanation. When she went to the doctor to find out what had happened, she was told that a medical officer at Denia’s hospital said they were the only cancer patients. Get it, go to the pharmacist.

This is impossible because it is a controlled drug and needs to be prescribed, combined with only one package, which lasts 10 days.

Being a retired senior will not work for a lower pension from England.

The Spanish health system receives about $ 4,000 from the UK to provide retirement benefits, not to mention, what is happening. We have been in Spain for 30 years without any problems so far (Brexit?).


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