Paris attacks suspect returns to the box but keeps vow of silence


Published on: 14/01/2022 – 16:15

Osama Krayem, one of the accused in the Paris terrorist attacks, on Thursday refused to comment or answer questions about his religious beliefs and his alliance with Islamic State in Syria. One Witness spoke up, cheerfully, on his behalf.

Osama Krayem has been missing since November.

The court is accustomed to its daily refusal, followed by summonses valid by French law, to continue his absence.

On Thursday, he returned. Tall, dressed in black, with long hair, black and brown eyes, Krayem is an impressive man. And quiet.

Earlier this month, in a letter to the prosecutor, Krayem stated that he would not participate in a case that he believed was false and that would result in an inevitable trial.

As a result, the court on Thursday dismissed the allegations made by the police and the defendants.

The president of the court, Jean-Louis Périès, read the statement, looking at the man from time to time in silence in the box office.

“I would love to hear what you have seen …” The President repeated twelve times. The defendant’s eyes focused on him and then down.

Outline drawing, without details

The image that came out is the one we have already seen.

Osama Krayem had a happy childhood in the Lebanese Palestinian family established in Malmo, Sweden.

The young man unknowingly switched from heat-heartedness to more Islamic interest at the age of 20. Two years later, in August 2014, he left Syria with troops. Islamic State.

Krayem quickly ascended from a volunteer group to an elite army. He was injured on a coalition plane. With her 37,000 euros, she bought a house in Raqqa.

He is known by those who testified burning live Jordanian pilot captured by Islamic State.

He worked in an explosive IS factory and is believed to have committed suicide in the Syrian-Iraqi war zone.

Trying to escape?

Krayem has said that his return to Europe with several other terrorists was an attempt to flee the organization whose ideology was no longer supported.

As Jean-Louis Périès recalled in court Thursday, his remarks were contradicted by Facebook messages Krayem sent to his relatives.

Krayem is thought to have played a key role in the development of Paris attacks in November 2015, and in A bomb blast in Brussels the following year.

Being powerless before their client became silent, the defendant’s legal team did nothing more than summon the court to expose a number of alleged wrongdoing in Swedish. The plaintiff has agreed to verify the accuracy of the translation in court.

Evidence from a human hero

And then it was the time of Pierre-Jean Stygelbout, the only witness who appeared to speak on behalf of Osama Krayem.

Stygelbout met with a defendant for his work as a volunteer teacher in the Belgian prison where Krayem has been detained since his arrest.

The two met 175 face to face in four years, in 90-minute classes. They became friends.

Stygelbout described Krayem as having a stable, stable, unstable personality in change of mind. Defendant “did not like things that might be considered inappropriate”.

Krayem is eager to respect the trust of others; personal integrity is important to him. He is generous, wise, and capable of great humanity.

Asked by a lawyer representing the families of other victims in Paris how to link generosity and humanity with the person being accused of such heinous crimes, Pierre-Jean Stygelbout simply said “I chose not to consider him cruel. That’s the only way forward.

“If we want to live in a democracy, then people have spoken out in defense of those who are accused.”

The case is ongoing.


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