Panther Partners with ShapeShift to Add Interoperable Privacy to DeFi and Web3

Panther Protocol is compatible with ShapeShift. ShapeShift has recently launched a new approach, ranging from additional exchanges to a complete crypto management portal and announcing its complete division.

The partnership between Panther and ShapeShift will help improve data security and privacy for ShapeShift and DeFi users through its digital and platform features and APIs and an integral part of the Decentralized financial environment and will help Panther achieve this. a high level of consumer protection. Panther and ShapeShift will work together to explore and deploy confidential tools and enable ShapeShift users to participate in Panther’s staking program and management. The technical partnership between the two groups will allow Panther’s Multi-Asset Shielded Pools to provide funding.

For ShapeShift

ShapeShift has been at the forefront of digital marketing in digital assets since 2014. Users around the world can buy, hold, sell, and participate in digital products such as Bitcoin and Ethereum using online platforms and corporate mobile phones.

For Panther Protocol

Panther is the ultimate secret plan that integrates blockchain to restore privacy in DeFi and Web3 while providing a clear path for financial institutions to participate in digital commodity markets. Panther provides DeFi users with all the secrets, enhances the digital economy and promotes crypto-economic investment. zAssets is transferred across blockchains via the secret metastrate and secret-first interchain DEX. Panther believes that Assets will grow in popularity as a new financial group for users who want their services to be streamlined and ways that can be as confidential, as they should be.

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