[Opinion] Even without war, Russia has defeated Europe already

Whether Vladimir Putin moves his troops to Ukraine or not, he has once again met with Europe with great pain: even though he is too weak to defend himself, he can no longer rely on the United States to save him.

We are confronted with the reality that Russia, despite its large Portuguese size, could threaten and threaten the continent because of its strong reserves and its readiness to develop major military capabilities.

Indeed, any Russian invasion of Ukraine could cost Russia a lot of money and possibly descend into a destructive war. Rebellion will not be the way President Putin would prefer. However, this game of brinkmanship has another part of the equation. If Russia invades Ukraine, European currencies will again be devastating.

It will force the European gas-rich countries to find more expensive alternatives and billions of dollars in construction, from pipelines, pipelines, to warehouses.

Russia is also a major exporter and exporter of oil and gas. Consider titanium. While the Kremlin has already planned for a gradual withdrawal from Europe, this contradiction will not happen to most Europeans.

Although a large part of Russia’s population would contribute to the intrusion into eastern Ukraine, citizens of most European countries would find it difficult to accept troops for execution on the basis of a foreign, surrounding country: Ukraine.

On countless occasions, I have heard senior European business leaders lament the plight of Putin’s leadership, to the point that someone thought he was more attracted to Russian power than Western independence.

Cannon food

Let us do justice again. If, in the meantime, the European nations had to deal with a major Russian invasion, more troops could be like a hot meal.

Western European troops have been dismantled into a very peaceful group, their wheeled vehicles are not fit to fight in the mud wars in Eastern Europe, their fire-fighting capabilities are unmatched by those of Russia, and their interconnected missiles are at high risk of Russia’s nuclear war. . – fighting skills.

Chasing unarmed terrorists is one thing; he faces a fearsome army, ready to offer another sacrifice.

Many European warriors are fighting monsters from the ‘Global War on Terror’. They tend to be superior, especially when it comes to technology and fire power, and have serious problems considering that the last ten-year-old hunter could be wanted in a major controversy.

All intellectual concepts on this subject have been distorted to security; methods of minimizing surgical errors, often even remotely.

Standing up, called. Earth forces like Russia have also been trained in direct and indirect combat, yet it is always combined with subtle forces: wearing armor volleyballs and armor and large moving parts.

Sacrifice and loss

If anything in Europe is about doing well; The military, such as Russia, continues to be plagued by layoffs, layoffs, and layoffs. White wars are not included in the Russian strategic lexicon.

Europe has nothing. Even if they try to stop participating in the future, backing up can no longer be evidence. Most countries do not have throwing missiles or their weapons are very small. High-quality military jackets, which can fit into Russia’s air defense base, are still in demand. The Special Forces, which may be the most important, remain in Africa and struggle to recruit good people.

The US is slowly restoring its weapons, with new long-range weapons, but would like to ship them to the Pacific. It protects the highest security in Europe, including 70,000 troops, hundreds of armored vehicles and many military aircraft.

However, this is not enough to counter Russia’s invasion of a country like Ukraine – and Washington will not be able to fight Russia with China since China has become so powerful.

We can continually reflect on the reason why Russia has mobilized its military on the Ukrainian border, as we have come here, doubts and disappointments on both sides.

What is clear, however, is that we are entering a new race of superpowers and that Europe is coming to the fore not as a strong, cohesive group, but as a mass of puerile pygmies.

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