One Way Services Darts League 13 January 22


Learn about Gap v Dannys Bar

Another sensible game from league leaders Gap. All three visits were reported by the recipients with little response from guests. James Brown compares the last 2, Gordon Cowans the 3rd. Bliss Wright scored a hat-trick with 133 points.

Alan Walker 140,100 and Jane Wills 52, took only 1st 1, Wright and Darren Sanderson 100,180, plus an undisclosed D1, to regain Gap chances, even though Bob Smith gave him the lead. The Cowans added 140 to the first ton and D16 in a 5-1 lead. Paul Raffel 125.

Sanderson made sure to play in the D8, following 100,140,140, ​​Carlos Escansiano took 125 and 145 winners, (60,45, D20).

Walkers 3 × 100 incomplete as Wright 100, D14 finished 10. Smith added a second leg to the riders, before the Cowans passed in the evening, fit for the MOTM, as did Walker.

Hub Hellraisers v Boris Bears

The Skinners, Ken and Amanda, teamed up with Yvonne Rouffignac 80,100 to get a chance over the Raisers, Skinner’s daughter hitting the D10. Carol Rowland made it all around D13.

Cain Hickman got D5, to get the Bears chance, Lesley Dolling hitting D8 for every 2. The Skinners again scored impressively in two before the break, Amanda finally closed on D1 and Rouffignac for 2-3, Ken coming out at 52 and a good 121. Rowland 119. 2-4 at half-time.

Father 100, D5 and daughter 100, D18 (Skinner team) confirmed the points in the selection, leaving the glory of Rouffignac D4 in the game with two points.

Hickman scoring 105,100,98 would often make him a winner, but opponent Sue Spiers affects both men and women, finishing 501 on the D8. Ron Chadwick finished the game on D14. MOTM – Carol Rowland – Amanda Skinner

Ale House Totties v Domino’s Desperados

Despo has twice won the trot and the third eagle in 3 regular matches each with singles following a break.

Maxi writer, Ben Kerneham of Despo
Maxi writer, Ben Kerneham of Despo

Andrea Kelly D3, Nikki Dean D3 and Kelly again at D17, taking on Totties ’best legs, Sharon Williams getting a ton. Michael Langan D1, Ben Kernaham 2 × 100, D20 and Ray Hayes 95, D4, respond to Despo’s.

Dean found himself the only winner on D4, Despo chaos with 5 of the 6 songs available, best, Kerneham’s 85, 180, D3. MOTM – Nikki Dean – Kerneham, the latter was a perfect match with 3 × 100,180, 2 × 80+

Tipsy Toad Tiaras v Tipsy Toad Toppers

It was more of a party than an archery match and it was always ‘friendly’ when the women played with their husbands and friends at Tipsy Frog.

Simply put, the boys took both points twice and doubled even though they only looked at a couple of 100s and a total of 80+ goals, Paddy Winterbourne just ran a 3-darter on the T11-9-D16 (74).

Tracey Simpson was the lead mom in the first half, impressing with the highest number of 112 nights.

Volley went on but on the 4th, Wendy Hayward (MOTM) produced 19-18-D20 (77) against Bazza to give women a point. Hugh Galloway (MOTM) then tossed T20-10-D16 (102) very quickly we didn’t realize he had done anything against Lisa and Patty Poo Schofield (D8) scored the second goal for women in the final game against them. Steph Simpson. The best time to have fun was with everyone.

CC’s Flyers v Ale House Lads

The Lads’ first victory in this clash did not reach the fifth leg, with Eugene Lane joining Andre Wing, the latter in charge of the 2 × 100 and D20. The top four opener Flyers came through Andy Flavell 85,85, D10, John McKay, 95,100, D1, Matt Smith D16, and Jesus Madrid 81,100, D10. Flavell adds 140 to Madrid. Smith closed the third team 5-1 in 50 games, teammate Charles Pritchett shooting 180.

Smith planted 140 in the first songs, up to 56 to take a bit, Madrid got all the Flyers mapoints and 2 × 100, D20. McKay made 8, in the top 60,

Pritchet earned its MOTM shares at D8 with 85,100,125. Lane’s 81.2 × 100, D10 favor Lads MOTM, Graham White finishing the match at D16. lan Phillips continues to perform well with 117,127, 3 × 80+.

ElCapitan v Pint Depot Queens

Marcos Lopez received his team’s MOTM award for the loss of Marie Cummins D5 in the 9th round, the game was over. However he has gained tons with D2 in the past.

Chris Logan took three, Edmundos Klimonis helped himself to the other two, but most importantly 2 × 140 is a total of 80+, including what the evening touches, the seventh leg of the victory.

Arolds played his regular rate with 3 × 100,140. Nigel Justice and Vycka Bobinas nailed 4 more.

Jade Hockton at the top scored 115 girls. Needless to say the Queens MOTM went to anyone but Marie Cummins.

Wee Rock Horrors v Hub Hyena

Even Rock Rock’s most iconic “suspicious” performers miss out on their Graham Solomans charm, this season.

The three-run marathon 1 triple was finally completed by Alex Nikolov on D2, with both sides refusing to finish 701. Tony Spiers set things up in the 2nd and 98,125, but Hyena Eric Manders made 2 for the visitors on the D16.

Spiers came out on the D10 for their counterparts, Joe Cuyt D9 and Billy Dolling 2 × 100 making 2-2, Alan Havelock’s 140,100 equivalent of zilch. John Rodford 100,140 and Dylan Fitzsimmons 98, D4, led the Hub forward, with the Manders finishing the first half at D10, D15 doubles in the Hub 2 leg position.

Dolling 118,120 somehow allowed the Fitzsimmons to close on D16, ahead of Mike Tierney’s Havelock 100,121, in the 8th.

The remaining four traveled as guests, courtesy of, John Eyre, Rodford, Manders and Nikolov, Rodford giving 180.

Simon Williams provided the game and entertainment after the game, as well as singing and viewing that people enjoyed. MOTM – Dolling – Rodford



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