Novak Djokovic's visa has been cancelled for a second time ahead of the Australian Open

“In making this decision, I seriously considered what I was given by the housing department, the Australian Border Force and the Djokovic.”

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It comes after a tennis player, who does not have a COVID-19 vaccine, had his visa revoked by the government for the first time after he flew to Melbourne last week for failing to “provide sufficient evidence to meet Australia’s entry requirements”.

He was detained in a refugee camp after a court decision to revoke his visa was later released dismissed by the Federal Court on Monday.

But Mr. Hawke managed to intervene in the ministry to revoke the visa.

The trial took place Friday evening in the Federal Circuit Court before Judge Anthony Kelly and he heard that Djokovic was not being held in custody.

The court heard that he had to meet with immigration officials to appear on Saturday at 8 a.m., and that he would be remanded in custody before another trial on Sunday in the Australian Supreme Court.

In a Friday night lawsuit, which was once viewed on video footage by 45,000 people, Djokovic’s lawyer Nicholas Wood, SC, told the court that the attorney general believed the presence of the players in Melbourne had a “pleasant anti-vax” possibility.

He also said the points were seen as “absurd”.

In passing his order, Judge Kelly asked the minister that until the final verdict, Djokovic would not be deported.

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According to the law, pursuant to a decision contemplating section 133C (3), a person concerned may not be able to obtain a visa at sea for up to three years, unless there are serious issues affecting the interests of an Australian or Australian citizen. , permanent resident or eligible New Zealander.

The proceedings were echoed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison who said: “I see the view of the Minister of Immigration in relation to the visa of Mr Novak Djokovic.

“I understand that in the light of serious considerations, the minister has taken steps to prevent Djokovic’s visa application from Djokovic on the grounds of health and well-being, provided that this is in the public interest.

“The epidemic has been a major blow to every Australian individual but we have been together to save lives and livelihoods.”

He further added that Australians “have made great strides in the epidemic, and hope that the victims will be protected.”

“This is what the minister is doing in doing this today.

“Our strong border protection measures have protected the people of Australia, before and during the outbreak of COVID.

“Because of what is expected to happen, I will not comment further.”

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Australia’s border laws currently prohibit unlicensed foreign nationals from entering the country unless they have the right to refuse to shoot, which Djokovic believes he once had.

Djokovic’s lawyers, who are due to challenge his recent dismissal from court, had given him lengthy explanations and supporting documents.

Officials looked into the possible consequences of his declaration, which states that he did not leave the country two weeks after his flight to Australia.

However, Djokovic was caught playing tennis on the streets of Belgrade in Serbia on Christmas Day and trained in Spain on December 31, all within a 14-day window.

In an Instagram post Wednesday, Djokovic said the mistake he had made on the immigration form before traveling to the Open was “a mistake in regulation”.

The statement also referred to what he called “beyond the scope” of his practice in order to obtain the best results of the PCR COVID test.

He admitted that he participated in a press conference in Belgrade on December 18 after successfully testing PCR and antigen tests two days earlier, and obtained positive results the day before.

“When I went home after a discussion to isolate myself for a significant amount of time, considering, this was a judicial error and I admit that I would have reconsidered this commitment,” he added.

The Australian Open kicks off on Monday and was impressed by teammate Miomir Kecmanovic in his first round of the hunt for the 21st slam title.

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